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Missing many movies at the moment

Hmmmmmmm no time to relax at all.Have around fifteen yet-to-watch,hopefully nice movies,readily available to me,and another twenty movies I’m keen to make available(by downloading or buying some DVDs)for leisure time watch.Afterall,I’m a Movie-bug right?Atleast that activity can make me believe that I’m still alive.But unfortunately,now-a-days,I’m facing an awkward situation.Having a weird experience which I never had before.Well,I think its really hard to describe my current hectic situation.Just because I’m socially active,don’t take it for granted that I’m really blissful.What I think you need to know is that recently I learnt to manage pretending to be happy and joyful even while surmounting a difficult situation.Whenever I decide and start to watch any one of those movies I have,I find myself to be anxious within 15 to 20 min.Get a feeling that I’m doing something which I’m not supposed to do at that particular moment. Is this what we call a ‘Hell’? No no why think negatively? May be I should take it as a reliable sign of the oncoming fortune as there’s a saying “No Pain..No Gain.” But yeah I got what exactly is running in your minds.Just because there’s pain,it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a gain.Does it???
On the brighter side,I got some really good friends recently,who are turning my days better and better and indirectly making my efforts feasible.Especially,the two Musicians from KM Music Conseravatory(A.R.Rahman’s Music school)and Mr Phani Kalyan,a Music Director who recently debuted in his recent Telugu movie.I think they matter to me a lot as I’m passionate about that particular field of activity.Would really be pleased to know how they are going through the various phases of their career.
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Back to Kurnool

Having spent three wonderful, joyful and ever-memorable days at my hometown, I’m now back to my place of study with lots of energy and enthusiasm, which I believe I can utilize to speed up the process of my work and probably I can cut short the time required in order for me to reach my goal…Have to concentrate on two of my important goals simultaneously. As our former President Abdul Kalam says a person has to have only one goal at a time, and that the goal should not just be a small one,but should be a huge one, one might wonder how I’m going to manage working for both the goals simultaneously. Well, I actually didn’t mean to say it as ‘simultaneously’. Rather it would have been perfect had I used the word alternatively. Because I’m going to do those two different works in an alternate manner. Like I aim for the first one for a few days, then the second one, then again back to the first one and so on…Anyway why so? Why not go straight ahead with only one goal? Its because my circumstances didn’t spare me with any other option than having to abide to this type of alternative work. Looking back into my last 3 days at home, well, I have seen nearly 12 or 13 movies at home…Giving no time for relaxation…Indeed, I enjoyed that a lot. Hooooohaaaaaa now I need to stick on to my studies and exams especially the USMLE Step-1 Exam which I’m planning to give it online in the month of October. But, I really need to work hard for that particularly with this hectic schedule which I’m going through now. Neways, I think I may not be able to post long descriptive and illustrative posts from now-on because of my ongoing work. However, I’ll be sharing some interesting, weird, or funny things whichever I come across during the days of my preparation.

Ciao on my next post…



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The 5 best photos I have ever snapped

Beautiful view of a lake set amidst hills seen from the Echo point at Mahabaleswar, a hill station in Maharashtra

Stunningly beautiful,heavenly,sizzling,fascinating and mind-boggling view of Munnar,a hill station in Kerala...This clearly exemplifies why Kerala is called 'The God's Own Country.' One must really be blessed to visualize such a beauty in his life...

Breathtaking beauty of Munnar makes one unable to believe his own eyes...One may run out of words describing his enthralling and refreshing experience at this wonderful hill station...

Standing in the heart of the Sanctum sanctorum(the dome) of Dhyana Linga temple,Coimbatore lies an immense and awe-inspiring Dhyana Linga which arises out of the seven coiled receptacle...The shimmering reflections of the oil lamps on the golden dome and the all-pervasive silence makes the entire structure ethereal...

Swamy Narayan Akshardham Temple,New Delhi is one among a network of temples located in a few places in India and a few locations in US. It stands as a symbol of spirituality and the Glory of our most ancient Hindu culture...The extremely artistic temple,the beautiful gardens and water fountains around it gives great pleasure to even highly-irritable individuals...

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A software professional’s wedding invitation

Didn’t get the last one? Here it is…

Escape your work for a while

Delete all your appointments

Leave all your routines in Backspace and

Shift to the grand reception

when we Enter

Into a Wed Lock and

Control each other’s life

Insert your presence

sothat we can take Home sweet memories.

We have huge Space for fun and joy. End

…………………………………………………………………………..Sanjeev & Chaitra

………………………………………………………………………..Love Inside(Intel

One of my friends sent me this mail. Thought its worth sharing on my blog. Nice one huh?

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Tragic Plane Crash at Mangalore

Its really very hard to digest this fact. Around 158 people being killed leaving behind only 8 survivors in the tragic plane crash in Mangalore Airport yesterday. This is said to be the third major air crash over the past 48 years next to the Air crash in November,1996(killing 349 people) and that in January 1978(killing 213 people). I don’t know how exactly this happened. In a news report, they said that the plane had landed 609 metres beyond the landing mark (where it was supposed to land) and the tyre blasted as the pilot applied a sudden brake. And the plane losing its control dashed into the valley which is immediately ahead of the runway. And worst thing is that this mishap happened despite having very much experienced pilot and co-pilot. They mentioned that the Pilot, Captain Glusica had over 10,000 hours of flying experience and the co-pilot, Ahluwalia had over 3,000 hours of flying experience and that both of them landed a plane safely lot many times at the same airport. Everything seemed to be going well until the last minute. The Mangalore Airport, being a Table-top airport, is one of the risky airport in the country like those in Leh, Srinagar, Port Blair, and a few other places. I have seen an article which says “A warning unheeded led to the tragedy.” It says that the saturday’s incident was something Mr. Arthur Pereira, an activist, had long feared. This person had learned, more than a decade ago, that the project did not conform to the standards prescribed by DGCA(Directorate General of Civil Aviation), the National Building code of India and the Ministry of Civil Aviation. He alleges that this is no accident but a direct result of the series of deliberate failures by the officials and key decision-makers at the highest levels of all authorities connected with the decision to allow the 2nd runway to be constructed and commisioned. Whatever shit it may be that led to the accident, the situation of the family, relatives and friends of the killed passengers seems to be extremely pathetic. I have read many articles about the passengers who died in this mishap.

Some said that people didn’t have time to remove seat belts. But contrary to this, what one of the survivors of this accident said was that there wasn’t any announcement from the crew to put on their seat belts even after the plane landed.

Mahesh Shetty,a sales executive was about to begin a whole new chapter in his life when fate intervened. He had been working in Dubai for only a short time, was to meet a girl-one his parents had chosen to marry him to.

It happened to be a double tragedy for a family from Kerala which lost its UAE-based son in this plane crash, who was on his way to attend his father’s funeral.

Flavia Loba, a house-wife had cut short her Dubai holiday with her husband who had been working in Dubai for more than five years, not knowing this would be the last time they spent together, when she and the children visited him last month. They decided to come back early for the children’s admission. Travelling with their mother were Venisha (15) and Vishal (9). None survived.

A 17 year old girl Harshini Poonja-her final tweet on twitter says “At the Airport and blah..The only thing to look forward to is the rain.” After this she boarded the flight and thereafter her signed twitter page ironically read “Location : The Infinite Universe 3.”  Really hard to hear this…

As I browse the Internet lot many articles like this are pouring in. And here is a list of people who miraculously escaped this plane crash by their non-appearance in the flight. You can go through it.

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