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A Remarkable Speech from an Inspiring Leader

Just thought of pouring out some words to share my views about an interesting read which I went through recently and which happens to be a speech by His Excellency, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the Former President of India. Not to mention, everyone in the country knows about his extraordinary capabilities as an orator and an inspiring leader. His speeches are always intensely thought-provoking, no matter where he delivers them.

Wait a second. Before going into the core of my discussion, let me share some of the features of a ‘Leader’, which I had learnt recently from someone I know(Thanks to them!). When we say a person as ‘Leader’, it definitely means a lot. As we all might be knowing, one needs to have certain unique features for him to be qualified as a leader.  The word ‘Leader’ might sound a bit similar to the word ‘Boss’, but they are not same. Infact, they are totally contrasting to each other. Here are a few differences between a ‘Leader’ and a ‘Boss’.

1) While a Boss drives his employees, a Leader coaches them.

2) Boss depends on authority whereas Leader serves on Goodwill.

3) A Boss inspires fear, while Leader generates enthusiasm.

4) Boss almost always starts(whatever he wants to say) with the word ‘I’, whereas a Leader starts with ‘We’.

5) A Boss places blame upon someone for a breakdown, whereas a Leader ‘Fixes the breakdown’.

6) A Boss ‘knows’ how a task is done, while a Leader ‘shows’ how it is done.

7) A Boss ‘uses’ people, while a Leader ‘develops’ people.

8) A Boss ‘takes’ credit, whereas a Leader ‘gives up’ credit.

9) A Boss ‘commands’, while a Leader ‘Asks’.

10) A Boss says ‘Go’, while a Leader says ‘Let’s go’.

So, it is an universal fact that a ‘Good Leader’ is one who takes more of a ‘blame’ and less of a ‘credit’. That is what makes Dr APJ Abdul Kalam a Good Leader. His relentless contribution to the nation for decades is well known to everyone.

Coming to the core of my disccussion, which is about my views after going through a read of the great speech by His Excellency, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at OSMECON 2013, a National Undergraduate Medical Conference held at the Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad on August 27, 2013. I came across this article when a friend of mine shared this on a social networking site. Thanks to him. In case you are not familiar with the lecture, here’s the link for details..

I hope you find the speech as much motivational and thought-provoking as me. Now let me share my views about the same. I know I may not be the best analyst, but I think there’s nothing wrong in sharing my perception of the speech(sort of ‘Freedom of Speech’ thing,remember?).

Firstly, most of the points mentioned by him (except for a couple of them) as characteristics of a dynamic healthcare center are realistic.

Secondly,  I agree with his emphasis on the importance of Medical Conferences. It has got tremendous potential to bring about a lot of difference in the quality of health care. It would serve as a platform that allows medical professionals to share their knowledge and clinical skills with fellow healthcare providers and thus gives an opportunity to promote unity, integrity and team behaviour which are most crucial in hospital settings.

Thirdly, what’s more appealing is that he points the first and foremost characteristic of a great healthcare center as a scenario where ‘Patient’ is the most important person in the hospital. Although in a country like India, where this is far from reality owing to the burden of diseases and illnesses, which in turn, results from a relative shortage of Health care providers as compared to the number of patients seeking mediccal attention, I believe that one day, this might conveniently be possible.

Finally, his view of how an ideal Doctor should be, as exemplified by the lives of two selfless and dedicated Doctors from different parts of India namely Dr Venkatasamy(from Tamil Nadu) and Dr Sudharshan(from Karnataka) provides an insight into how a person’s love towards his own profession coupled with strong determination, perseverance and endurance makes him a good son for his own mother country.

Last but not the least, his definition of ‘Excellence’ is what, I think, should penetrate deep into the brain and never leave from there no matter how hard the world might constantly be triying to destroy it. Here’s is how he defines it…

“Excellence is a process, where an individual, (or organization or nation,) continuously strives to better oneself. The performance standards are set by themselves, they work on their dreams with focus and are prepared to take calculated risks and do not be deterred by failures as they move towards their dreams. Then they step up their dreams, as they tend to reach the original targets. They strive to work to their potential, in the process, they increase their performance thereby multiplying further their potential, and this is an unending life cycle phenomenon. They are not in competition with anyone else, but themselves. ”

Awesome it is, isn’t it? Personally, I feel blessed to have born in a country which has produced so many powerful and inspiring leaders as him. We owe him a lot for his relentless service to the country. Lastly, I want to end this discussion with something close to my heart. As a Medical Professional, I see so many Medical Graduates from many Indian Medical Institutions dreaming to pursue their higher studies or jobs abroad. After giving it a thought for a while, I now feel that there’s nothing wrong in dreaming about pursuing a career abroad. Rather, taking into consideration the standards of Health Care System in India and the huge list of challenges we are faced with in the Health Care Sector, one would undoubtedly benefit from their study abroad especially when they gain some work experience in some of the excellent health care systems like US and UK.  Nevertheless, whereever we are and whatever we do, we must always be grateful for whatever we have gained from our mother country that makes us what we are today. Hope you enjoyed the read. Thanks for coming by.

P.S. Here’s a humourous depiction of the recent fall in the value of Indian Rupee


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Memories to cherish

I still remember the day, when I was beat badly by my father for having lied and went(along with a friend) to a party of one of my school teachers. I was about 9 years of age at that time. My parents were very much worried as they couldn’t find me, having enquired about me in almost all locations in the town. I got beaten up so much that I cursed my parents like anything for their ruthless action. But now, having grown up, I find it ridiculous and could understand the love and affection they had and still have for me.
                        One of the most Inspirational people to me, eversince my childhood, is my uncle(mama) who stands as an example of an Ideal brother, Ideal son, Ideal father, and more than all, an Ideal human-being. His attitude and qualities are what I would love to have for myself. I wonder how he had learnt his business profession at a younger age of 13 years, how he had chosen to share the responsibilities of a huge family comprising three brothers, three sisters, a father and a mother. Endurance, dedication,love and affection,selfless nature are some of the great virtues he has. I remember the days before his marriage, when he used to gift some really interesting toys to me and a few other children of my age in our joint family, as if we were all his own children. Even today, he cares a lot for everyone among his siblings, and their children. The traditional restraint, that I had learned from him, is another great virtue. I could perceive a silent message to pass these great virtues to my next generation.
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Just another beautiful day

Alright guys, here’s my new blog post after a really long gap. You guys might be surprised where I had been for the past few months. Truth is, I wasn’t interested in blogging anymore, except for the fact that this supposedly great virtue of mine cud help me see where I’m and what I’m doing, which we need for a point, since you can’t aim at where you want to go or where you want to be, without knowing where you are right now. Its definitely something to ponder. Isn’t it?? Anyway, the reason for this new post is that I was afraid a lot. Afraid of any little bit chance of forgetting what happened yesterday bcoz its something I cudn’t just let go off my mind. I want to grasp it firmly sothat it cud be a guideline for life. Jan 22nd and 24th,2011 were two beautiful days for me. And there are lot many reasons for that. First of all,I happened to meet a great person who is from around my native place,Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Dr Manimozhi sir(as his name was) looked something different. He’s just the way I always wanted to be. His love for his own profession and for his own mother institution are greatly interesting to me. To say about him, he is a old student of Kurnool Medical College(Must be one of the senior-most doctors) and he says that he was staying at Guntakal(where my parents were staying for more than 6 yrs) until 1985 or so. He’s now a consultant Leprologist/Epidemiologist who I guess is now residing in Bengalooru. He used to work for WHO(World Health Organisation) but later he quit that job as he says WHO is purely a political body which he never liked at all. Later,he joined ILEP(International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Association) and is still working for it.

To my surprise,Dr Manimozhi says,he used to be a loser during his college days and was a chronic referred student. Failed in exams so many number of times that he himself won’t believe what he’s now. But then he dares to say that the more number of times you fail,the greater person you’ll be in your life. May be he’s right bcoz Success is never final,and failure is never fatal,its the courage to move from one failure to another that counts. But then, if you look at it broadly,it doesn’t seem to apply well in all situations and to all people. May be such people are one in a million. But one thing I can say for sure is that failure can make us strong. Well, if you already had suffered some amount of pain in your life, you are gonna withstand the same amount of pain or a weaker one the next time(atleast one can get used to it). Anyway, coming back to the point, Dr Manimozhi is strongly determined about how he wants to be and what he wants to be. His way of teaching is just awesome. Anyone can be a good doctor but few can become good teachers. Dr Manimozhi is one such kind of teacher. His power in giving a lecture is extraordinary. It just penetrates the skull, enters your brain and may never leave from there. He says if you want to see a change in someone, don’t just advise them, but make them realise what is right and then they’ll change by themselves.

Most pathetic of all is that he showed a lot of partiality towards me during those two days. Was cutting jokes on me, asking many questions to me, and was focusing on me a lot. May be, its bcoz of the regional feel since we both share a common native place. But personally, I feel like I’m given a huge responsibility of protecting myself from breaking the trust he has on me. And that wud give me just another golden opportunity to prove that my life is still worth something….

P.S. We all need memories to remind ourselves who we are. I’m no different.  -An Excerpt from Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece ‘Memento’

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Happily back again

Hey folks hope everything is going well with all of u..Sorry guys for keeping this webspace dormant for a long time. And now I’m back with full of energy and enthusiasm. The reason being I’m a little confident about my career now. Hundreds and thousands of talks I wished I had shared with u people but yet I couldn’t..That was,infact,unfortunate for me as well..Anyhow, I’m back. And that itself would surely be a glad thing. Isn’t it? Anyway,the point now is how to resume our talk on this happy moment. Absolutely no idea. Mmmmm wait…May be I should start with one cool stuff which I came across today morning while surfing through this endless Internet. I think u people might already be aware of this. Shah Rukh Khan’s Wax statue at Madame Tussads..Wowwwww very cool to hear..He undoubtedly deserves it. May be even long back. So he looks awesome and look at this picture where he’s imitating his own replica..Funny. Isn’t it? Bollywood Badshah is ultimately standing in Madame Tussads though a little late.

Alright,here I’m,spending much of my time for some kind of useful stuff esp for my voluntary,purposeful work in the hospital and preparation for USMLE Step-1 Exam(Its something like a PG Entrance for doing PG in US) on the other side. I think I should be very optimistic now, for me to give the exam confidently and get a good score. At the same time,I consider being socially active as equally important. Because it can free our mind of tensions, stress and worries if any. Afterall, people say that sadness halves when shared with others and that the happiness doubles. So let me visit ur blogs(if any)as well, comment on ur posts,share some hot topics day-to-day. Lets share our happiness and sadness with each other and ultimately make our journeys look beautiful when we look back after some time. So what say?? Are u ready???

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Seeking some sunshine

Everyone will  have their own idea of what sunshine is to them. To some, its Job, while its Money to someothers ,good Life-partner to some, or could be a career achievement, popularity, good friends, good colleagues, good future…the causes are diverse..As for me, its complicated to say.Its a blend of my professional and extracurricular aspects, which I alternate according to the situation and time. As for now, I’ve a long-term goal and a short-term one…Even the long-term goal is not absolutely long-term, but only relatively so, because it isn’t that far to be pursued and obviously its of giving my Step-1 Exam. The short-term one,which appeared all of a sudden ahead of me just 2 days ago is that of proving myself a good singer. But time is very short for me to do that. Nevertheless, I’m going to give it my best try. I think I can do it. Even if  I can’t do it now,I believe I can do it someother day. This is not just an abrupt decision that I’ve taken. Rather,I’ve been waiting since long back for such an opportunity. I think this is the best time for me to struggle hard to achieve what,I believe,will give me the feeling of sunshine. Hope I won’t get disappointed too much by the result of my effort.

P.S. Very cute and talented girl singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in various accents…Must watch this…

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