Know Me

Hi this is Satheesh Kumar Muthu, a Medical Doctor by profession. Having graduated from Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool, AP, India, I now aim to pursue Medical Residency in US. I’m currently preparing for USMLE Exams, which are a series of Exams that a Medical Graduate needs to clear before getting Licensed to practice in US. I know, its not that easy to secure a Residency position especially in this highly competitive world, but I believe I would make it to there somehow. As happens with everyone, I had so many ups and downs in the past. Indeed, more downs than ups. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Every ‘down’ I went through shall teach me a lesson. Had many worst days, that I wish I never had in my life; days that took me into a dungeon and made me feel like I’m lost for a while. But I also went through some really good days when I kept myself learning something-like Music and Singing. Overall, I had an average life until now.

Apart from Medicine, I have a great passion for Music. I have a little knowledge of Carnatic Music, which I learnt privately as a leisure time subject during my Medical School. Although I’m still a beginner in Music, I believe I can prove myself a good singer someday. But having two aims simultaneously and successful accomplishment of both the tasks is questionable. I even banged my head against the wall for many days thinking about the righteousness of my act. But then, I get convinced somehow that its not a crime to have simultaneously two totally different aims.

So here I’m, moving forward with so many questions running in my mind, which I believe I can find solutions for.

I would also love to blog about what’s going on my mind as it takes some pressure off my head, makes me feel that I’m not alone, provides me with a good social environment; sometimes, helps me obtain, when needed, some assistance  from friends in making decisions. In other words, it makes me feel that I’m alive.


  1. Satheesh, thank you for your comments on my blog today! Like you, I love traveling. I’m particularly fascinated by India and would love to visit someday.

    I can’t mention the name of the country I was in for safety reasons. I was there with a Christian church group, and this country’s government doesn’t allow Christianity.

    In any case, I’m glad you found my blog, and I’m glad I’ve found yours!

    Kind regards,

  2. great to meet a fellow medico blogger man….blogrolled u…

  3. @ Arun
    Hi Arun I’m equally happy to have met you.Did u enjoy ur holidays well???

  4. @ Drew
    Thanks a lot Drew.I’m extremely happy to see such a simple person from U.S. U r always welcome to India.

  5. Sir – you have a very nice blog!

  6. @ RG
    Thanks a lot sir…I’m honoured….

  7. Matured persons remain reserved…

  8. @ Mesmerizing Voice
    Sorry I’m not one such person….

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