Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | January 25, 2011

Just another beautiful day

Alright guys, here’s my new blog post after a really long gap. You guys might be surprised where I had been for the past few months. Truth is, I wasn’t interested in blogging anymore, except for the fact that this supposedly great virtue of mine cud help me see where I’m and what I’m doing, which we need for a point, since you can’t aim at where you want to go or where you want to be, without knowing where you are right now. Its definitely something to ponder. Isn’t it?? Anyway, the reason for this new post is that I was afraid a lot. Afraid of any little bit chance of forgetting what happened yesterday bcoz its something I cudn’t just let go off my mind. I want to grasp it firmly sothat it cud be a guideline for life. Jan 22nd and 24th,2011 were two beautiful days for me. And there are lot many reasons for that. First of all,I happened to meet a great person who is from around my native place,Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Dr Manimozhi sir(as his name was) looked something different. He’s just the way I always wanted to be. His love for his own profession and for his own mother institution are greatly interesting to me. To say about him, he is a old student of Kurnool Medical College(Must be one of the senior-most doctors) and he says that he was staying at Guntakal(where my parents were staying for more than 6 yrs) until 1985 or so. He’s now a consultant Leprologist/Epidemiologist who I guess is now residing in Bengalooru. He used to work for WHO(World Health Organisation) but later he quit that job as he says WHO is purely a political body which he never liked at all. Later,he joined ILEP(International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Association) and is still working for it.

To my surprise,Dr Manimozhi says,he used to be a loser during his college days and was a chronic referred student. Failed in exams so many number of times that he himself won’t believe what he’s now. But then he dares to say that the more number of times you fail,the greater person you’ll be in your life. May be he’s right bcoz Success is never final,and failure is never fatal,its the courage to move from one failure to another that counts. But then, if you look at it broadly,it doesn’t seem to apply well in all situations and to all people. May be such people are one in a million. But one thing I can say for sure is that failure can make us strong. Well, if you already had suffered some amount of pain in your life, you are gonna withstand the same amount of pain or a weaker one the next time(atleast one can get used to it). Anyway, coming back to the point, Dr Manimozhi is strongly determined about how he wants to be and what he wants to be. His way of teaching is just awesome. Anyone can be a good doctor but few can become good teachers. Dr Manimozhi is one such kind of teacher. His power in giving a lecture is extraordinary. It just penetrates the skull, enters your brain and may never leave from there. He says if you want to see a change in someone, don’t just advise them, but make them realise what is right and then they’ll change by themselves.

Most pathetic of all is that he showed a lot of partiality towards me during those two days. Was cutting jokes on me, asking many questions to me, and was focusing on me a lot. May be, its bcoz of the regional feel since we both share a common native place. But personally, I feel like I’m given a huge responsibility of protecting myself from breaking the trust he has on me. And that wud give me just another golden opportunity to prove that my life is still worth something….

P.S. We all need memories to remind ourselves who we are. I’m no different.  -An Excerpt from Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece ‘Memento’



  1. Hi.
    I just passed by to say hello.
    I hope you are doing well.

  2. Hi, Sateesh,
    An excellent post, thanks for sharing, life is all about learningg, failures teaches us something.
    Failures are good.
    I realised some years ago that I found trying something new scary, thats because any experimentation was forbidden at home.
    Please call by my blog and pick up your awards.
    I hope you enjoy passing them on as I have.
    Its a pleasure to visit you and read your post.

  3. lessings…..
    Failure is never failure in the way society designates it – to mean you are nothing and unworthy. Failure is a tool, guidelines on what is not working, to try other options and avenues it is a guiding posts in which we must use to guide us to continually move forward using the lessons it bestow to avoid the same pitfalls, errors and the exercise of poor judgments.

    Success does not mean you are finished living, doing, learnning, growing, it simply means you have acomplished one tasks now its time to create new goals upon which one must complete/accomplish.

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