Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | June 12, 2010

Missing many movies at the moment

Hmmmmmmm no time to relax at all.Have around fifteen yet-to-watch,hopefully nice movies,readily available to me,and another twenty movies I’m keen to make available(by downloading or buying some DVDs)for leisure time watch.Afterall,I’m a Movie-bug right?Atleast that activity can make me believe that I’m still alive.But unfortunately,now-a-days,I’m facing an awkward situation.Having a weird experience which I never had before.Well,I think its really hard to describe my current hectic situation.Just because I’m socially active,don’t take it for granted that I’m really blissful.What I think you need to know is that recently I learnt to manage pretending to be happy and joyful even while surmounting a difficult situation.Whenever I decide and start to watch any one of those movies I have,I find myself to be anxious within 15 to 20 min.Get a feeling that I’m doing something which I’m not supposed to do at that particular moment. Is this what we call a ‘Hell’? No no why think negatively? May be I should take it as a reliable sign of the oncoming fortune as there’s a saying “No Pain..No Gain.” But yeah I got what exactly is running in your minds.Just because there’s pain,it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a gain.Does it???
On the brighter side,I got some really good friends recently,who are turning my days better and better and indirectly making my efforts feasible.Especially,the two Musicians from KM Music Conseravatory(A.R.Rahman’s Music school)and Mr Phani Kalyan,a Music Director who recently debuted in his recent Telugu movie.I think they matter to me a lot as I’m passionate about that particular field of activity.Would really be pleased to know how they are going through the various phases of their career.

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