Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | June 7, 2010

Back to Kurnool

Having spent three wonderful, joyful and ever-memorable days at my hometown, I’m now back to my place of study with lots of energy and enthusiasm, which I believe I can utilize to speed up the process of my work and probably I can cut short the time required in order for me to reach my goal…Have to concentrate on two of my important goals simultaneously. As our former President Abdul Kalam says a person has to have only one goal at a time, and that the goal should not just be a small one,but should be a huge one, one might wonder how I’m going to manage working for both the goals simultaneously. Well, I actually didn’t mean to say it as ‘simultaneously’. Rather it would have been perfect had I used the word alternatively. Because I’m going to do those two different works in an alternate manner. Like I aim for the first one for a few days, then the second one, then again back to the first one and so on…Anyway why so? Why not go straight ahead with only one goal? Its because my circumstances didn’t spare me with any other option than having to abide to this type of alternative work. Looking back into my last 3 days at home, well, I have seen nearly 12 or 13 movies at home…Giving no time for relaxation…Indeed, I enjoyed that a lot. Hooooohaaaaaa now I need to stick on to my studies and exams especially the USMLE Step-1 Exam which I’m planning to give it online in the month of October. But, I really need to work hard for that particularly with this hectic schedule which I’m going through now. Neways, I think I may not be able to post long descriptive and illustrative posts from now-on because of my ongoing work. However, I’ll be sharing some interesting, weird, or funny things whichever I come across during the days of my preparation.

Ciao on my next post…





  1. good luck:)

  2. @ Pratap
    Thanq 🙂

  3. Hard work always pay back… Gud luck…

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