Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | May 29, 2010

The 5 best photos I have ever snapped

Beautiful view of a lake set amidst hills seen from the Echo point at Mahabaleswar, a hill station in Maharashtra

Stunningly beautiful,heavenly,sizzling,fascinating and mind-boggling view of Munnar,a hill station in Kerala...This clearly exemplifies why Kerala is called 'The God's Own Country.' One must really be blessed to visualize such a beauty in his life...

Breathtaking beauty of Munnar makes one unable to believe his own eyes...One may run out of words describing his enthralling and refreshing experience at this wonderful hill station...

Standing in the heart of the Sanctum sanctorum(the dome) of Dhyana Linga temple,Coimbatore lies an immense and awe-inspiring Dhyana Linga which arises out of the seven coiled receptacle...The shimmering reflections of the oil lamps on the golden dome and the all-pervasive silence makes the entire structure ethereal...

Swamy Narayan Akshardham Temple,New Delhi is one among a network of temples located in a few places in India and a few locations in US. It stands as a symbol of spirituality and the Glory of our most ancient Hindu culture...The extremely artistic temple,the beautiful gardens and water fountains around it gives great pleasure to even highly-irritable individuals...

P.S: This post is exclusively created for participation in the Blogadda ‘Best Travel Photos’ contest…Thank you Blogadda…

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  1. Lovely pictures!! You are a hill station freak haan!

  2. Hi, beautiful pictures, but my personal favorite is Dhyana Linga temple, the photo looks just awesome.
    Good luck for the contest:)

  3. @ Nishant
    haha may be…I think so pal…

  4. @ Vivek
    Thanks a zillion chap…

  5. Very cool images.
    All the best.

    My Travel Photos

  6. @ Rajesh
    Thanks Rajesh…Good Luck to you too…

  7. nice snaps:)….[first is the best!!]

  8. The photos of Kerala are breathtaking. Whoa, the pic from the Dhyana Linga temple is so overwhelming.

    All the best for the contest.

  9. @ Anonymously Disguised
    Thanks a lot and I wish you the same…

  10. Munnar is such a beautiful place!
    Ur 4th pic is stunning 🙂

  11. @ Swaram
    Thank you very much. Good Luck for the contest…

  12. Beautiful photos! I loved the Mahabaleshwar one. Its looks so much like the Grand Canyon. Good luck

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