Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | May 17, 2010

Breath-taking Experience

Recently, in the month of March, I happened to visit my relatives in Coimbatore. During my stay there, for some 1 week or so, I had a thought of having a trip to any interesting place nearby. So gone through the list of places and eventually came to know about this place called ‘Isha Spiritual Centre‘ which is around 25 kms from Coimbatore. The description made by my relatives about the place aroused some sort of Enthusiasm within me. I decided to go ahead and directly visualize the place. So I started on my bike. The closer I went to that place, the greater was the mental disturbance within me. The climate seemed to be changing dramatically as I headed towards it. All the traffic sounds and human voices faded away. And once I reached the entrance of that spiritual centre, I heard no noise other than the ‘AUM KARAM‘ coming from somewhere and the fascinating sounds of trees moving with the wind and twittering sounds of birds. At first I got very much afraid of the silence at the place. Anyhow, parked my bike and walked through the entrance to discover many wonders which I never thought for once that I would ever see in my life. I was like in a state of trance. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Everything there made me feel it to be a Heaven Or Kailasha(where Lord Siva resides). Never used to believe earlier that such a place would be existing on Earth or in India atleast. The place was extremely tidy and beautiful. As I went into the temple of Dhyana Linga, which is the centre of attraction of that place, in the Parikrama or the walkway of the temple, I saw many illustrative sculptures over the walls each one representing a Great Event from our Epics. I couldn’t understand them completely but I’m certain that there was something extraordinary about them. Then I had a look at the temple shrine or Sannidhi or Garbhagriha or Sanctum sanctorum. I was really astonished. It was a huge dome which seemed to be unique in some way. But couldn’t perceive then what exactly it is. Probably, my state of trance might have accounted for my non-perception. Then went inside the temple shrine and had a look over my head. Thats all. My state of trance changed abruptly to almost a state of coma although lasted only for a brief period. I was wondering how its possible to construct such a huge dome without using any steel or cement or concrete. Because I was told by some volunteer that Sadhguru who is the creator of this wonderful architecture wanted to build it using only traditional materials like burnt bricks, mud mortar stabilized with lime, sand, alum and some  herbal additives. The reason was that the life span of conventional buildings built of Cement, Steel and concrete is not expected to be beyond hundred years.

In the centre of the sanctum sanctorum(the dome) lies an immense and awe-inspiring Linga which they call as ‘Dhyana Linga’ measuring about 13′ 9″ in height, arising out of the seven coiled receptacle(the snake) called ‘Avudaiyar.’ Surrounding the Linga is the ‘Jalaseema,’ a water body that has cooling effect on the Linga and gives the impression that Dhyana Linga is floating on water.

If you carefully look at the inner aspect of the wall of the dome, you can find so many cubical spaces all around. This is where people sit and meditate. The Dhyana Linga is kept constantly wet to enable the meditator to easily receive energies emanating from the Linga. This is made possible by the water dripping onto it from a hemispheric copper dome coated with gold, which is suspended from the roof exactly above the Linga. The resonating sounds of water dropping over the Linga, the shimmering reflections of the oil lamps on the golden dome, the subdued interiors and the all-pervasive silence makes the entire structure ethereal. The natural draught of air and the choice of natural materials make the dome a cool and soothing place which breathes through every pore.

Time loses itself.

Its one of the best places I’ve ever visited. It left a lot of memories in my mind. I wish I would visit the place again and again whenever possible.



  1. Very very long time since I visited here…

    However it’s really a blissful place that pleasures us with eternal ecstacy…And we would feel a kind of positive note while inside that place….

  2. It sounds and looks amazing! Glad you didn’t have to resuscitate yourself and made it through the coma 😉 lol…

    Go there again- make it a yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly excursion for yourself. I wonder if it will make you live longer if you do this?!

  3. @ Bala
    Whichever place I say, the reply from you is the same “Its been a very very long time since I visited the place.” You know, you are really cool…I think you too are a Great Lover of visiting places like me. And I say that it would be a good thing to have. It makes our life pleasant and purposeful. Have a Good Day…

  4. @ Art Doctor
    Haha Why don’t you just come over here to India and have a glimpse of the beauty of many such amazing places? I bet you will wonder to see thousands of such places here. If you insist on that I think I wouldn’t mind to accompany you. I think you really love such places. Then why late? Go ahead and enjoy them. May be, you have many such wonders there in Canada itself. Hope you atleast visit similar places nearby your town. Personally, I gain lot of knowledge and pleasure from such visits. Yeah probably I would visit this place atleast yearly. Hope so…

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