Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | May 12, 2010

Very Much Disappointing

Right now, most of you might be feeling the same. Obviously, it was a very much disappointing performance by the Indian Cricket team in T20 World Cup. If we explore into the reasons for such a huge failure, I think one can find hundreds. Anyway let me talk about my own perspective of what might have led to such a worst performance. People widely differ from one another in their reasoning and thinking. So please feel free to share your perspectives and publish comments or criticize my views.

Firstly, absence in the team of senior players like Sachin and Sehwag for such an important tournament, itself is one huge thing that needs to be pondered over. I don’t know exactly why Sachin wasn’t there. Probably his injury during the semifinal match of IPL-3 might be the reason. But what the f**k is Sehwag doing? He was perfectly fit throughout the IPL tournament and now he claims himself to be injured. No one knows when and how he got injured. Anyway,was he really injured? Or just played a drama to get rid of this tournament. Its not funny. Seriously, I have a doubt. Do these people play only for money and not for the country? Ofcourse, its possible. With the beginning of the IPL era the cricketers are earning huge lots of money within a short period of time. What more do they need?

And if you look at the team that the selectors had finalized for the tournament, its lacking efficient players(except for a few) who could play at International pitches. Atleast they should have given a chance for Robin Uthappa by considering his performance in IPL. But at the same time I corraborate with the selectors’ perspective that one should never compare World Cup with IPL. The reason is that almost all the pitches used for the IPL tournament are designed in such a way that they favour battting rather than bowling. Nonetheless,Robin Uthappa already has an experience in the International matches. So his presence definitely could have made some difference. Dhoni’s trust on Murali Vijay and Ravindra Jadeja must have extremely disappointed him. I think the IPL Leading Wicket-taker Pragyan Ojha would have been very much helpful had he been selected for the tournament. His absence was really very disappointing. And coming to the actual point which most of you might be waiting to discuss. Why did Dhoni deny the view of Media people that Ravindra Jadeja’s worst bowling costed the team defeat in two important matches against Australia and West Indies? And why was he not giving any chance for Praveen Kumar? Is he doing any Politics? Everyone will be having their own perspectives about these incidents. I dare to say my own perspective here. I’m sure that many people will fight with me after reading this. But I would say that I’m prepared for that. Ok here it goes. Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the best captains that the Indian team had till now. But what I feel is Dhoni is the ONLY CAPTAIN who strictly and stubbornly adheres to his own set of principles no matter whether the team faces success or failures. I emphasize using the word ‘Only.’ Because to that extent I adore him. But unfortunately I’m compelled to say that he had made a huge mistake in yesterday’s match against Srilanka having went to the crease at Number 4 position. Had Rohit Sharma been sent at that position the team would have set a target of atleast 185. And it would have been easier for India to win the match and probably even would have been qualified for the Semifinal.

Coming to his defending action for Ravindra Jadeja, contrary to what most people were thinking, I think Dhoni too would have been extremely disappointed with his performance but he might not have wanted to spoil the career of a person by simply saying that he doesn’t deserve to be playing in the International matches. Instead, he just eliminated him from the team in the Final Super-8 match against Srilanka. Coming to Yusuf Pathan, I think he is not at all eligible for playing in International matches except for his not-that-poor bowling. And Gambhir is another stupid fellow whose running between the wickets in yesterday’s match wasn’t like what we expect for International Cricket rather its more suited for Gully Cricket. Then comes Ashish Nehra. I think he is so ill built and ill nourished that he can’t sustain his pace for more than 2 overs. Indeed, in yesterday’s match not even for one over. Even Dhoni couldn’t put too many runs on the scoreboard despite having 6 wickets in hand and more importantly, Rohit Sharma and Harbhajan who happened to be powerful hitters were yet to bat. Except for that I don’t think Dhoni deserves to be criticized too much for his performance either as a captain or as a player. And its not justifiable to blame the captain for poor performance by a team. So everything just happened. And it will continue to happen with the Indian Cricket team. ‘Jai Ho India’…..



  1. thts y i never follow these tournaments…

    yeah little disappointed but guess its the fatigue..

  2. @ Broca
    Yeah that would be a better thing to do…

  3. Yes, very much disappointed!!!

    But it’s the collective duty of the whole team to take up the resposibility…and obviously the captain is the one who will be targeted first…coz he’s the one who’s praised more during the victories…

    Atlas, got a lesson to understand the value of senior playes like sachin, dravid n others… cos they are the ones who can atleast manage to convert the short pitch deliveries to singles…

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