Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | May 6, 2010

100 ways to waste time

Haven’t utilized much of my time last 5 days or so. Just listening to songs and only occasionally peeping into my books. While listening to songs I felt as if I missed many latest releases. Especially  the songs of ‘Kites ‘, ‘Raavan’ and a few other Tamil movies like ‘Sakkarakatti’, ‘Paiyaa’ all of which seem to be smashing hits. And what about ‘Badmash Company’ and ‘Jaane Kaha Se Aayi Hai’ and other Hindi movies? I heard only one or two songs of Badmash Company. Frankly-speaking those songs weren’t that attractive to me. And ‘JKSAH’ songs-not yet heard. I think the movie is a flop. Is it really? Then Two or three songs of Kites were simply superb especially the two melodious songs sung by KK. One more was also nice.

Regarding ‘Raavan’ I first felt them nice. But then my opinion changed suddenly (probably my mood made me feel so). But now having heard them two or three times, I realized that they are slow poisons. Now they are acting on me.  The song ‘Beera’ is my favourite. The song has some special string instrument used which attracts me like anything. Also the song ‘Kata Kata’ is superb. And then ‘Khili Re’ is another superb song. Reena Bharadwaj is the singer. Seems like Hindi Film Industry has got another new Great Singer who has got as much potential as Shreya Ghoshal. Then the song ‘Behene De’ by Karthik is no lesser than any other. I’m a huge fan of Karthik. Thats the reason why I practise singing many of his songs which happens to be my hobby. Recently I was practising the song ‘Vintunnava’ from ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’ and a few other songs of him like ‘Nijamga Nenena’ from the Telugu movie ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’. To tell about him one should say that he is really a very flexible singer. And sings in many different ways depending on the situation of the song. Has got great potentiality.

Then coming to Tamil movie songs. ‘Sakkarakatti’ is a superb composition by A.R.Rehman. I have watched in TV one video song from this movie long back when I was in my native place Madurai and was fascinated by the Music. Thought that Tamil Film Industry has got another Great Music composer who composes exactly similar to A.R.Rehman. Only recently I came to know that it is indeed Rehman’s own composition. Four songs in the movie are extraordinary- ‘Marudaani’ by Madhusree,A.R.Rehman; ‘Eley’ by Krish,Naresh Iyer; ‘Naan Eppodhu’ by Reena Bharadwaj and ‘Taxi Taxi’ by Benny Dayal,Blaaze,Viviane Chaix,Javed Ali. Especially the second and the last-mentioned songs were superb. I think the other two will surely be the hot favourites of many of the Tamil girls now.

Finally ‘Paiyaa’ starring Karthi and Tamanna, Music composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja is another superb composition. I’m currently listening to these songs three or four times a day. Still not got bored. These songs are making me feel like a 16 yr old boy-definitely a welcoming event. And whenever I watch the video songs of this movie I can’t stop laughing at Karthi. He seems to be such a ‘Bewarse’ fellow in the movie…..



  1. taxi song rocks…just love it…..

  2. Yeah superb song it is!!! I adore it…

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