Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | April 30, 2010

The other side of myself

This is the Music college where I’ve been learning the Carnatic Music past 2 years. It was only by chance that I happened to join this college soon after finishing my II-Year MBBS although I had passion for Music since long back. And recently(only 5 days back) I appeared for the II-Year Exam in Music college. And I’m confident that I will surely be promoted to III-Year in Music. Thanks to my Music Guru Mr. Ramprasad Garu who taught me and helped me a lot, who understood my situation of being a Medicine student and was extremely flexible all the time just for my sake. Whatever knowledge I gained till now in Music and whatever I’m gaining is all because of my Guru. But one thing which surprises me is that these people(the Lecturers in the Music college) despite deserving a good comfortable life for their knowledge and dedication to their good profession, are very simple and satisfy with whatever they have. They never die for money which happens to be the matter of prime importance for most of the people belonging to other professions(including Medical practice) demanding the same level of dedication. May be the Medical field requires even more amount of dedication but I feel that the money earned by the doctors(atleast a few) is disproportionately high. Anyway have a look of my college which happens to be the place I like most in my town.

Vinayaka statue at the entrance

Actually today is the 37th Anniversary of the college. So these boys were performing some ‘Mangala Vadyam’ at the beginning of the function. My plan was just to attend the Anniversary function and enjoy the performances. But to my surprise I was given a memento for having done well in the Essay writing competition conducted 2 days back. I strongly feel that I don’t even deserve that prize because I have participated in the Essay Writing only upon Principal’s instruction just 5 minutes before the exam and I have filled the paper with whatever Telugu words I know. Didn’t know then that the marks they award would be directly proportional to the weight(in grams) of my answer sheet. Had I known that earlier, I would have taken 2 or 3 additional papers and got the first prize as well(the one that is given to me is only a consolation prize).

So these are my words about my Music college and I’m proud of being a Music student as well as a Medicine student.

The worst thing to know is that these Music colleges or any other colleges which promote the development of our own culture are almost about to extinct. Now-a-days, most of the Indian people are fond of Western Culture than the historic Indigenous culture. The TV shows are making the situation even worse. Did you ever watch any of the singing competitions in TV? Especially in Children’s competitions, the Judges(who would have forgotten Music long back) keep on praising small kids even though they commit huge blunders in the song. Ok I agree, its acceptable for kids because the judges may be intended to encourage them so that they contribute more in their future life. But what if they do the same with adults? Don’t they deserve to be fired with an AK-47? Obviously they do…And need not mention about the film singers especially in Telugu film industry compared to Tamil. No scope for good singers.Everything has become commercial. Even a beggar having earned some Rs 60 or 70 by begging for the entire day spends the money for the movie ticket not for food or clothing. Ok I agree, its justifiable if the hero happens to be an inspirational person. But most of the times(99.99% of the times) the situation is contrary to the afore-mentioned. Infact, those heroes deserve to be called ‘Sons of *******’. They’ll have no intention of giving the society movies which are of utmost necessity. All they need is only money. Nothing else. They never worry for whatever negative consequences their movies have upon the society. Atleast can we ever see any change in them in the future? I don’t think so…..



  1. we as a whole suffer when it comes to finance…but its a noble profession…rewards r not in money etc…:)

  2. @ Broca
    Absolutely correct!!! I’m telling about a few Doctors. Sorry if you were hurt by this…

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