Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | April 10, 2010

Time and Tide wait for none

Father of Medicine-'Hippocrates'

Days are running faster. Each day is vanishing like a second. Despite trying my level best to make use of every moment of life,now-a-days, everyday is disappointing to me. Somehow, atleast some of my precious time gets wasted by activities of not much importance like Browsing through Internet, Chatting with friends and watching the IPL(not all the matches though). On the brighter side, I’m glad that I’m utilizing some of my time for a good thing which, I think, very few busy professionals(especially Doctors) do. If you still remember, I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous posts that I’ve been learning ‘Carnatic Music'(Vocal) in a Local Government Music College. Even my friends know this matter only recently. I never wanted to give publicity about that, but I happened to reveal it later,somehow. Believe me, many of my friends felt it as ‘Weird’ when I told them about my going to Music college. Ofcourse, they can justify their feeling of weirdness because once a person gets acclimatized to this Medical Profession, he’s more likely to ignore other fields of learning especially a field like ‘Music’ which is like an ‘Ocean’ when ‘Medicine’ itself is another ‘Ocean.’ My knowledge in Medicine is like a drop in the Ocean. And the same statement applies to Music as well. My point of view is that When its impossible for anyone to learn 100% of ‘Medicine’ and impossible to learn 100% of ‘Music’ in his/her life-time, why don’t we choose to learn in both the fields simultaneously and parallelly. Atleast we can consider one field as ‘Primary’ and the other as ‘Secondary’ if not parallel though. And thats what I did. For me Medicine is obviously ‘Primary’ and ‘Music’ is secondary. 2 years have passed with a lot of confusion initially which gradually perished. I’ve already struggled hard for these two years to concentrate on both the fields simutaneously. Ofcourse, the success rate is not much. Further, I’ve a very very Great Goal now which probably requires complete dedication to my profession. I need to give off my USMLE(United States Medical Licensing Exam) Step-1 Exam as early as possible. This is of utmost importance to me and has always been my Long-term Ambition ever since I joined the Medical School. If there’s any chance that my learning ‘Music’ is likely going to affect my preparation to USMLE, I’ll never mind quitting ‘Music’ and directing complete dedication towards my Medical Profession. Many people think that I’m a totally different kind of species(different from Homo sapiens). Its probably because they might never have seen another person who thinks like me. Don’t know whether I’m Right or Wrong, but I just hope that when we strive hard for some good cause, it will never get wasted. Or Probably, I may be having Over-confidence. Who knows???


  1. Good that you learning “Carnatic” music.. Nice to see a medico learning it…

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