Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | March 26, 2010

Need to try something new

Really need to workout some novel strategies to make myself more happy,which I think I deserve to be and move on according to the trend. Most of you may be perceiving my blog to be a mysterious one(or one can say that what I talk here are vague rather than being specific and understandable). But I’ve learnt from many other blogs I follow that this type of communication is the right one for those who expect high.I believe that people who understand such vague talk will be more broad-minded and having a network of such Broad-minded people will definitely be a great thing to have.

And one more thing you would probably have appreciated in my blog is that I hardly post any topic related to my profession and work despite being in this Noble Medical Profession. The reason being I want to have a network of good blogging friends and treat everyone equally irrespective of their professional career, age and life style.I know this is very hard to achieve,but I’m one such kind of person who believes in ‘Enjoying the Pain’.

P.S : A Baby delivered by LSCS(Lower Segment Caesarean Section) in our hospital yesterday.



  1. hhmm…think u shd write more abt med…atlest people like me will like it 🙂

    enjoy IPL[csk lost!!]

  2. @ Broca
    Oh u think so bro? Then I’ll try it to some extent for u. Yeah CSK lost. They are real suckers…..

  3. even DC sucks now!!

  4. @ Pallavi
    Yeah DC too sucks now although not to the extent of CSK. But I’m seeing a Great Hero among Deccan Chargers. Yeah its Rohit Sharma. I’m running out of words praising him. He’s undoubtedly the Youth Icon of the Year. What a classy batting is his!! I’m becoming a huge fan of Rohit now.

  5. Rohit sucks more than any guy who sucked ever in history of cricket.Class without dedication is not worth a penny.He is the most irresponsible guy on field,I think he is more concerned to play a shot stylishly than fr the needs of the team.Rohit sucksss…………………

  6. @ Manohar
    Hi Manohar thanks for the visit. And sorry to ask…Do I know you?

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