Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | March 21, 2010

Enjoying IPL-3

Ever since the start of Indian Premier League Season-3, much of my time has been going beyond my control as every match turns to be very interesting. This time, as always I’m a supporter of ‘Chennai Super Kings’. Yeah you might be thinking ‘Can CSK reach up to the mark?’ But I have a strong reason for being on their side despite having still better teams. First of all, I’m a dying fan of Dhoni and his captaincy. I’ve always been loving him for his Great Contribution to Indian Cricket recently, of course not more than Sachin, but I believe MS Dhoni also deserves to be praised in superlatives. He has got lot of patience. And he plays more for his team than for himself(there’s quite a lot of difference between the two). I mean he plays according to the situation and undoubtedly stands as an inspiration to all the youngsters in the team like Badrinath,Raina,Vijay etc. And one more strong reason for being on their side is the dangerous ‘Hayden.’ His smashing shots day before yesterday must still be haunting many in their dreams. What an innings it was! It seemed as if he had put a metal inside his weird ‘Mongoose’ bat. Yeah its definitely weird-Having a long handle and the actual bat was of the size of a bat with which kids would play. Probably, he brought his little son’s bat without his knowledge. I was laughing throughout his innings that day. And today they have a match against Kings XI Pujab. Lets wait and see who’s gonna rock today. I’m also a fan of Irfan Pathan. He’s no lesser than Hayden. He’s smashing too,as everyone would have seen day before yesterday-One Sixer ball went out of the stadium. And Yuvraj is like a sleeping Tiger-can’t say anything less about him. So today’s match is going to be an interesting one for me.

On the other side, there’s one more interesting match today between ‘Deccan Chargers’ and ‘Delhi Daredevils.’ Deccan Chargers’ is  another powerful team which,I think,has chances to reach up to the Finals in this IPL. And ‘Dehi Daredevils’ too could make the way if Sehwag continues his smashing innings.

So its really hard to guess who’s going to win this IPL. We need to wait and see…..

Update :

Deccan Chargers Rock Once Again!!!

CSK Sucks….They seem to be a bunch of Stupids.



  1. Seriously! I have been addicted to IPL ever since it started. Lets see who wins this season. DC for me ofcourse!! 😀

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