Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | February 10, 2010

Pessimism or Exhaustion???

Sometimes we come across situations where the Pessimistic attitude takes predominance over Optimism. Although we might be giving lectures to others all the time about being Optimistic even in Harder situations, we ourselves may become Pessimistic at times. Situations where we lack an initiative and are forced to believe in Determinism. Such days seem to be very familiar to me. But I guess, I don’t really deserve to be Pessimistic. Anyways, there’s every chance that it might just be a feeling of Exhaustion which I frequently mistake for Pessimism. Exhaustion in the sense, Mental Exhaustion. Not the Physical variety. Infact, the Physical variety of it is much better and ofcourse, not much harmful compared to the Mental Exhaustion.
Let me clarify….
‘Pessimism’ and ‘Exhaustion’ – Are they really different or just the same? I guess they are not the same.  Anyway,does that matter any? Oh what am I talking? I’ve already started rambling it seems. Sorry Guys…But this is my actual situation now-a-days. And Oh,now, after converting my feelings into words(although a bit senseless), I feel a lot more free and already starting to feel the release of all the Negative Energy in my mind. This must somehow be related to the Law of Conservation of Energy. Don’t know who made this Great discovery that we can get relief from our frustrations and anxiety by talking to others for a while or by writing, but I feel like I must thank him/her. Not just in an usual and simple way. He deserves some other special way.  So here it goes:
Jahapana Tussi Great Ho


  1. Long time huh? Hope you get ample time to rest so we get frequent posts from your end 🙂

  2. @ Pallavi
    Yeah its really a long time since I posted my last topic. I think I can never assure anyone about when I would be free and when not. Because my profession doesn’t seem to be permitting me to say that. Even after going through a long journey in my career, I may be getting a feeling that I’m still at the start of the journey. Sometimes, I get worried about my choice of selecting this career, because every day and every minute I feel compulsion to justify my dedication to this Noble profession. Oh God Give me some break…..

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