Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | January 8, 2010

Questions that have no answers

Life is no straight,but is a maze of passages. We become dumb at times,when life leaves us empty-handed. Situations when we find ourselves checked in a blind alley. We even might not have thought of such a twist in life. If you think that my talk is somehow relevant to my current situation,then u r not completely wrong. I’m now extremely disturbed of what I’ve been watching past four years in my Medical career. U know,I saw the Hindi movie  ‘3 IDIOTS’  only recently. But the torture which those students of the college(in the movie) are subjected to by the ‘VIRUS'(its the name of the role played by ‘Bomman Irani’ in that movie)is very familiar to me although I never chose to disclose my personal problems to you. I feel disgusted of the Psychotic(sorry if the word seems to u very unfair)attitude of the Professors especially in my profession. Now-a-days, Medical field is adopting something like a ‘Give and Take’ Policy. I know what I’m talking,but my circumstances are compelling me to say that.

                                     ‘RECOMMENDATION’-This is the word I hate most when come to Professional Career especially in Medical Profession. I’ve noticed a pattern in my field. Many of the Medical students(in the region of my study)come from a Medical background i.e. those whose Parents,Siblings and may be,even their First-Degree Relatives are Doctors. Some of them(I emphasize usage of the word ‘some’)don’t really deserve to be a Doctor(probably,don’t even deserve getting a seat in Medicine). But,believe me,I’ve seen a few such people getting Gold Medals in various subjects of the course,which a common man(without any recommendations)hardly can get. Please don’t misinterpret my words. I’m not against all the people who come from a Medical Background,but I’ve seen certain evil elements in a few of them. Strict Rules and Regulations of the Medical Course are subject to be modified when such people are likely to be affected,but never for a common man who came from a Non-Medical Background. No wonder to draw a conclusion that there is no Justice in my Medical field. A person from a Non-Medical background has to start his journey from the First step and has to face lot of struggle and toil,while the one from Medical background can simply start from thousandth step or so with not much an effort. Not all the people from Medical background may be utilising this advantage,but the fact is that they can utilise it if they want.

                                    It can be said that Now-a-days,Medical Education in India(particularly in my region) is more of theoretical than practical. Almost everyone sticks to learning Important questions for the Academic Exams(i.e. the questions asked very frequently in the exams)and leaves every other stuff. If u ask a Medical Student “Hey why don’t u learn everything in the book,or atleast as much as possible???”, then his answer would definitely be “I need to get rid of this MBBS Course first. I can learn every other thing later in my future life.”  This attitude is not just ‘Seldom’ found but its very common now-a-days among Medical Students. The result is,not even 50% of the Medical Graduates are capable of establishing their own Medical practice independantly. No professor has an intention to teach his students much of the practical aspects  and clinical skills except for their own sons and daughters or those of their kith and kin.

                              I have always been a victim of this system. These problems have always been worrying me. At times, I feel lot of stress that I question myself why I chose this profession. Most little children dream of becoming a Doctor. So did I. But now,I feel ashamed of being a part of this system of Ruthless Minds. Just living my own life, doing what I feel is right,praying God for a Peaceful Future and stepping forward with ‘Self Confidence.’



  1. I guess everyone goes through this dilemma at some point in their lives, about their choice of profession. But I am sure its a momentary phase in your case.
    A suggestion- Have you seen “The pursuit of Happyness”? Watch it if you havent.

  2. @ Pallavi
    Thanks for ur comments,Pallavi. Yeah its a superb movie. I have seen it 2 or 3 times. You may feel me insane,but the fact is that I watch the movies I like atleast 2 or 3 times and a maximum of 15 times(‘A Beautiful Mind ‘ falls under this category)

  3. I think you will make a very good Doctor- all rounded, and fully qualified. It is always good to have practical experience, and it is surprising that your program focuses largely on theory. Try doing an international elective and gain practical experience there? Usually you can get a scholarship to do such work, and most of your fees are covered.

  4. @ Art Doctor
    Thanks a lot for ur suggestion. I’m so vexed with the system that I’m currently planning to work out USMLE and do my Residency in US. But not sure that I can do it. But whatever I do,this thing is surely going to haunt me through out my life.

  5. Hi Satheesh ,
    I have come here via Rhapsody’s blog.
    I feel you will be a good doctor who has taken the time and trouble to research and read widely in order to expand your knowledge base.
    I think you are doing excellently.
    And you have the interests of the patients in mind which so many of the career doctors from these medical dynasties do not have.
    You actually want to make a difference and should be applauded for that.
    Good luck.

  6. @ Herrad
    Oh thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I’m overwhelmed by your highly supportive and soothening comment. At this moment I need nothing more than that. I’m now extremely happy to have known that my perception is not completely wrong. I would be delighted if you keep visiting my blog and post your precious comments as I’m now highly in need of True friends like you,Herrad. You made my Day wonderful…….

  7. wht u r saying is true..but u really cant help….

    everyone is just worried abt the end result not the journey[marks etc]….

    and wht ever u read always helps for entr never worry much abt ur grades…

    good luck! 🙂

    in swimming u have control only on urself..not on the person infront or beside u..

  8. @ Brocasarea
    Thank you very much for your valuable comment,bro. I’ll brood over what you said. Have a Nice Day….

  9. hey satheesh,

    This is a good post . I liked it !! .. The matter you talking about not only is related to medical , it is related to the entire Education system .Unless and until the govt does something about this/or people in India, it is going to be the same…

    I wish u all the best for whatever you do in life…but as the movie says Excellence can only be achieved by being “intelligent” and not by being educated ..


  10. @ Priti
    Thanks a lot for ur informative comment.

  11. yep..
    what u feel is really right…
    such things are common in our medical proffesion….
    the only thing dat matters is ur thrive for knowledge and practicality..
    u vll for sure achieve ur goal…
    never bother things around u….

  12. @ Srilekha
    Many thanks for the compliments and wishes.

  13. Accidently came across your blog,
    And oh,
    It is wonderful!

    as for this post, I have something to say.

    Everyone has a choice to move on his own path, and at his OWN will. everyone around has chosen to follow question banks. If you dont like it, Dont choose it. what if you dont get marks? you will learn! And if you are determined enough to learn everything you need to learn, then you’ll do a lot many times well than those so called gold medalists you talk about!!

    In my case, I tend to give up learning completely and attempt to appear in exams with incomplete preparation. As I dont follow question banks either, half of the topics I covered would not be from those ‘repeated questions’ and i end up getting poor marks, and I even fail sometimes!

    If I had learned things completely, if I had gained mastery on the topics I learned, then who would have stopped me? those people doing donkey work? NO WAY!

    I say that the path I chose is not a shortcut. Its the straight route of scoring best in exams. LEARN EVERYTHING IN THE SUBJECT AND BECOME AN EXPERT IN APPLYING IT. But now it doesn’t seem to be the only route. You dont need to learn and understand everything. YOu can get it by heart and just spit it in exams. You need not understand anything about it. If you can recite it like a parrot in front of examiner, then the medal is yours…huh!

    I agree that the system is wrong. But why must we prefer to go in a wrong way? If one believes that the system is designed in a wrong way, and says that what he is now is because of the fault of the system….. I say it is not justifiable. Everyone is responsible for his own deeds. Whether he must let the system influence him or not, it is for him to decide.

    One wonderful part of 3 idiots is that the guy Rancho ALWAYS tops. No matter how hard he tries, Chatur could never beat him!

    In fact, one who learns like rancho would always stay on the top. Since he understand what he learns, he is sure to have an edge over the people like chatur!

    But no one dares to work like rancho.

    Firstly, such a degree of passion for subject doesn’t sustain in people for long. No one around you cares about what you know. Everyone asks about your percentage. You will get humiliated. you try to focus ur attention on percentages! All the passion for the subject is gone now! You’ll become a machine working for percentages.

    Once a student enters the college, and start reading and learning in his ‘own’ way, just out of passion for the subject, then they end up being last in the class!! They get worried, and look for shortcuts to get through the exam. No one dares to attempt to learn for the sake of learning. Everyone learns for the sake of exams. Huh! Very pathetic.

    so, the system is wrong.

    Now, another question arises. Who stopped you from learning the subject in your way?

    Its YOU. You have stopped yourself from learning things. Its you who has got worried of exams and quit learning.

    Stopping learning for the fear of exams is the students fault, according to me. I have done the same mistake. I must have motivated myself to do better. Instead of doing it, I forced myself to follow the shortcuts everyone here follows.

    The correct path will never doom you. If you had stick on, by your heart and soul, to your own path of studying, with out any flaw from your side, You will rock. I believe this.

    Its no use blaming the system. Things cannot change overnight. And forget about those rotten minds of the politicians…No one has the wisdom to analyze the situation. Government is NOT going to do anything about it.

    But the students continue to suffer. So the change must come in students. They must abandon this dangerous practice of passing the exams without understanding anything. Their minds are still sharp, not rotten. They can think. So they must realize what is correct and what is wrong.

    Hats off to chetan bhagat, author of five point someone, for his concept… The way he designed the characters of virus, rancho, raju, farhan, chatur… and framed the story…Its wonderful! I’m immensely impressed.

  14. Oh! didn’t know that my comment is so long!

    Feel free to delete it if you dont want it on your blog :-). What I’ve written is my opinion on the issue.

    I’m a medico too, and victim too, like you. I stopped learning in my 1st year, since I got 20% marks in my biochemistry internal! And I say that I haven’t learnt anything since then. But I know a few people, who think and feel just like you and me, but have succeeded in living in this system without any comprimise in their methods. when I look at them, I realize that the fault is with me. I should not have given up learning either! Just wanted to share my opinion with you 🙂

    Wish you good luck!

  15. @ Sameera
    I don’t know who u r. But I think I must thank u a hundred times for ur precious comment on my Blog post. May I know where u r from? And What u r doing now? Let me Blogroll u if u too r in the blogging world….

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