Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | January 3, 2010

Happy Beginning of a New Year

“Whatever happens,life has to go”-its a very good saying,indeed. I believe that everyone needs to take this saying into consideration one time or the other in their life. We might have come across situations of Great success and those of Huge failures in the previous year. A successful person can tell you the ways to success, whereas the one who failed to achieve something can make you aware of the hurdles in the path. So we can’t look down upon any of them. Infact, we can learn something from both. Hope this New Year brings lots of Happiness and Success to you and your family members and may all your unfulfilled dreams of the previous year come true this year….


                  Most of you might already have made one or more New Year Resolutions. Hope all your resolutions become fruitful one day. And so do I. I’ve already started a New Hobby-Maintaining a Diary. Don’t know how long I can sustain this habit although I’m somewhat stronger upon this now than my previous attempts. And I would like to share some of my Diary entries here with you. Here goes the first one:

Jan 1:

First Day….
First Day of this New Year….
An Year very important in my life….
A very crucial one in my career….
Everyone Dreams about his future and so do I….
About to start a New Beginning with a hope to see the Light of the Day….
I dare not to look back into my past worries as I’ve nothing to do with them….
A New Beginning with a single,yet powerful companion/friend named ‘Self Confidence’


Jan 2:

I returned to my place of study(Kurnool) after 12 days of unforgettable enjoyment at home. These 12 days have refreshed me a lot. And now, I feel enthusiastic like a 16 yr old boy. It is because these 12 days I had shared my happiness and worries with my family members(especially my siblings) and vice versa. They have always been my ‘Best Friends’ and hope they will be forever….


Jan 3:

Had to attend an Exam in Music college as I’m a student there.I’ve never told you people about this but its true.I’m now doing my second year Certificate course in Carnatic Music in a Local Government Music College.I’ve never felt Music as a hurdle to my professional career.And now Music has become an important aspect of my life….



  1. Yes I am a native of the Twin Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, my Island is Trinidad It is the southernmost island in the Caribbean and lies just 11 km (7 miles) off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. With an area of 4,768 km² (1,864 sq. mi.)

  2. Hello ! Thanks for your comment.
    I am not a North Indian. I belong to Orissa.

  3. yeah family time always helps 🙂

    good luck 😉

  4. Happy new year man…
    n u r studying karnatic music… awesome.. never knew that abt you…

  5. Always b bold enough 2 achieve ur destiny.Never give up hope . Tough momemts r 2 build u up…
    Ultimately truth w’ll triumph ……….

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