Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | December 29, 2009

AVATAR-Movie or a Magic???

Don’t know how many of u have already seen the movie ‘Avatar’ but believe me I was awestruck after watching the movie. Its more like a Technological Magic than just a movie. Director James Cameroon has made an Extraordinary come back after his previous one ‘Titanic’ which took him some 11 years or so. His dedication for this Huge budget movie is obvious throughout the movie. It was a Great Experience for me watching this movie. Although I saw it in 2D format on 18th Dec itself, I feel like watching the movie second time,but this time I don’t want to feel unsatisfied watching it again in 2D.Rather I would prefer to go for 3D. I believe this movie is worth-watching Second time. Its undoubtedly a feast to the eyes of Movie-bugs like me. In the last one month,I have seen almost 50 English movies(about 15 of those in theatres) but none of those really gave me such an ever-memorable experience. All the Actors and actresses in the movie have done a really great job. The Director takes us to a Fresh New World for about 2 1/2 hours.



  1. pure magic!!…

  2. Me too first saw it on 2D only bro… then on 3D… it was an awesome experience… if u get a chance.. see it in 3D.. 😀

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