Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | November 17, 2009

A Tragic Accident

Why are these many people gathered here near the railway track? What happened here? The police were restricting their access towards something. What’s that ?

Oh my God!!! this seems to be a major train accident. Atleast 20 people might have died and another 50 casualities might have been reported in this mishap.

Many railway officers, supervisors and other employees rushed to the spot and were seriously engaged in their duties.

You can see some people with red-coloured shirts working at the spot there. They are from TXR Department. They are concerned with bringing out safely the passengers who are caught within the compartment.

See these two photos…. This is how they create Emergency exit…..

Here is a man from RPF(Railway Protection Force) Department.

These people are from Engineering Department. They are concerned with detecting errors,if any,in the railway track which might have led to the accident and restoration of the track as soon as possible.Oops the photo hasn’t much clarity….

Within no time,many ambulance vans arrived at the spot.

And what are those tents? Lets go and see……..

Oh yeah here they have arranged a medical camp. You can see a table here where First Aid is available.

Medical and Paramedical staff are treating these patients for minor injuries.

This man is noting the details of the injured person-His Name, Age,Residential address,Contact numbers of his kith and kin etc….

Here’s a Mortuary where the dead bodies are kept for identification.

Oh how cruel this is!!! 2 young girls lying on a stretcher. Are they still alive or dead???

These people are concerned with collection of  information regarding  No.of passengers dead, critically ill or injured and updating the information in the official website of the Railways.

Here’s a Helpline. The kith and kin of the passengers can contact these phone numbers to know about the status of the person.

Loud speakers were arranged here and there by which important announcements are made.

Its uneasy for anyone to see such a pathetic situation….What’s the sin of these innocent people. Some of them going to a place on Business work,some eager to visit their family and friends,some on study purpose.Some of them are young who even might not have tasted the happy moments of life,while some are old and helpless who could do nothing than just taking their last breath with sweet memories of their lives flashing in their minds.Some of them are women and some are children.Oh God!!! pls give me the strength to digest this……

Hope these photos have moved most of u…….

However careful we are,we could do nothing to prevent such accidents than just believing in God…….





Hehe don’t worry….

This  is just a “Mock” show of a Train accident arranged by Railways in my hometown.  They shot a documentary here about How the public and the people from various Departments of the Railways react to a Train accident. As my father works for railways I got an opportunity to picture all these.U can see him in the 9th photo from the top. He’s wearing a yellow-coloured cap in that photo.No doubt…he deserves an Oscar for his action.

Thank u one and all for being with me all the time.Hope this post gives u some useful information………



  1. he he… i found out this was not a real mishap, when i saw the blood in ppl’s dress… 😛 (me young sherlock holmes..)

    nice pic journalism.. 🙂 so how is u nowadays ?

  2. @ Arun
    U r Agent 007 Arun. Actually I made that one pic small so as not to give a clue for u people to find it out. But now all my efforts are waste. Oh shit!!!
    Well I’m living my life fully.I’m utilising every min for some useful work. Howz ur Internal exams going on? Hope u r well in ur preparation…….

  3. oh…i almost believed this!!…

  4. @ Broca
    hehe atleast one got OUT…….

  5. Hey Satheesh… I just believed it… actually reading through fastly to know the place and train where it happened…. Gr8 to know some valuable info from this posi…

  6. Hi Satheesh:)

    I was wondering all along how you could take so many photos of the rail accident. All the actors were too good. As I saw picture after picture I was feeling very sad. Everything looked so real.

    It is good railway people learn to coordinate and provide help at short notice. It is only throough mock drill like this they will learn to react to emergencies.

    The photos are fantastic. You did it like a true professional. Kudos to you:)

    Have a nice day Satheesh:)

  7. Hi,

    We are a group of like minded people (friends and colleagues) doing voluntary work in 12 villages of Kurnool. Require help from a few good samaritan doctors for the same.

    Please contact@ +91 97319 66880 or I would be in Kurnool town this week end if you like to meet.

    I can send you all the details of our activities until now if you give me your email Id.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Jyothirmayee Pola
    (In short Jyothi)

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