Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | July 31, 2009

My Final Countdown Begins

Hi friends first of all let me say sorry to all of you as I was away from blogging for a few days because of my continuous schedule of Internal theory and practical exams. And now,finally,my External Examination Dates have been announced i.e from September 1st(exactly 31 days to go). I’m planning to continue my preparation for Final exams at home. So I’m leaving to my hometown tomorrow with a hope to have everything positive.As I don’t have Internet at my home, I may not be able to visit your Wonderful and Inspiring blogs for about 1 1/2 months. I’m taking with me the memories of Great moments that we’ve shared with each other for all these days.I pray God for the well being of all of you and hope to have many more wonderful days with you after completion of my exams.




  1. All the best bro…
    Study well…

    I hope u come out with flyin colors…

  2. Blessings and good luck with everything, in all things be happy and at peace no matter what life bring your way. Take care and good luck in your exams

  3. @ Arun Kumar
    Thanks bro….

  4. @ Rhapsody
    Many thanks for the blessings and wishes….

  5. Hi Satheesh:)


    I hope and pray you are doing will in your exams. I am sure you will do well. I am praying for your success and scoring good marks.

    Many, many thanks for taking some time off from your tight schedule to leave a wonderful comment in my post.

    God bless you my friend:)

  6. @ Joseph
    I’m honoured,sir….Thanks a lot for ur blessings….I’m doing my level best…Hope I can do it……..

  7. Hi Satheesh:)

    I came to thank you once again for a lovely comment in my post. That is a man dressed as a lady.

    I pray for your success and all happiness:)

  8. Gracias!! Joseph ji….

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