Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | June 29, 2009

Oh my Gosh!!! Its unbelievable…….


Hi friends, I remained in a state of Neurogenic shock-Bewildered and puzzled for 2 days as to whether this is real or just my dream. But now,having regained my consciousness,I have no other option than believing it. Don’t know what magic ur words and wishes did, I and my team members are the WINNERS in the state level Psychiatry Quiz yesterday.I’m still in a state of Intense Happiness having achieved a Great goal after a long long time,and I cudn’t stand on my feet,rather I wud prefer to fly high in the sky at this moment like a free bird,provided I have two wings like them.I wud like to run as fast as a Kangaroo rather than standing at my same place,further investigating its reality.

There was a clash between 7 teams(4 members in each team) from 7 medical colleges.Although the number seems to be small,believe me….we had a rigorous competition.It was like-if you tell one answer wrong you will be out of the Quiz. Our team answered all the questions except one simple question for which we did a simple mistake. There were 2 rounds.

First round regarding the wide range of Psychiatric disorders,their treatment modalities, famous Psychologists(we have to identify their pictures),also the contributions made by these Pyschologists to the Great subject of Psychology(their theories and life-time studies).

In the Second round,they showed pictures of some English and Hindi movies related to Psychiatry-like Rain Man, Taare Jameen Par,Main Aisa Hi Hoon, Gupt, Madhoshi,and many English movies and we have to tell the Psychiatric disorder suffered by the hero or heroine in that movie.

It was here I realized that we must believe God. If God isn’t there how cud I get exactly the same question related to the movie which I prayed Him to get asked. I don’t know much about movies except the movie which is like a Heart-beat to me, A Beautiful Mind…..Ohhhhh to my surprise I was asked the same question. I was stunned for a moment before confidently giving the answer as ‘SCHIZOPHRENIA’.

And finally 3 teams got an equal final score of  110 each. And they declared all the three teams as Winners. The winning teams are

Kurnool Medical College,Kurnool(Our college)

Andhra Medical College,Vizag and

NRI Medical College.

I cudn’t forget this Great day in my Life……Hope u too have such Great days ahead.

I’m extremely thankful to you all……….



  1. Wow… congrats bro… Hard work always pays…

  2. @ Arun
    Thanks Arun….Have a Great Day…….

  3. Congras to your team….

  4. congrats!!!!:))

    i too like psy man..really nice subj..!!

  5. @ Broca
    Thanks dude…I asked u about reference books.U r unlikely to have noticed that…Anyway,thanks a lot,dude…..

  6. Hi Satheesh:)


    Please accept my hearty congratulations for winning the quiz competition. It is a great achievement. A feather in your cap which you can be justifiably proud.

    I am very happy and thrilled at your grand success.

    I am confident you will corner more and more glory in your life.

    All the best Satheesh:)

  7. Congrats dude!

  8. @ Joseph
    Many many thanks….So what did u do with ur Laptop,sir? Did u buy a new one or repaired the same?

  9. @ Bala
    Thanks dude…….

  10. Hi Satheesh:)


    I bought a new lap top since the cost of repairing the old one was too high.

    Best wishes:)

  11. @ Joseph
    Wow Congrats…….Have a Great Day…..

  12. Congras…….

  13. @ Femin
    Hey many thanks for visiting my blog…….

  14. Blessings & Congratulations…………..
    It is good that you enjoy the journey and the process, it is what make the victory that much more precious.

  15. @ Rhapsody
    I’m honoured ma’am….Many thanks for visiting my blog…..And many thanks for the blessings…..I feel like I’m blessed to have the friendship of these many Nice people….Once again I thank you ma’am.

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