Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | June 22, 2009

Yahooooooooooooo !!!


I have to celebrate this day for sure,as this a remarkable day in my life. The reason being, I’m selected from my college along with 3 other people to the Undergraduate Psychiatry Quiz which is going to be held in Hyderabad on 28th of this month. I feel like I’m back into my spirit in competitions after a long time,ever since my school days. Actually, on Saturday(day before yesterday), my Psychiatry Professor has randomly selected 4 out of the 12 interested students,by way of Lucky dip and I wasn’t lucky then. Infact, I wasn’t there when Lucky Dip was done. Later I called my Professor on Phone and requested him to conduct a test for all the interested students and select the top four mark scorers.And luckily he said ok for that. Today he conducted the test for 5 different teams(2 members in each team) in the test. I and my partner got 8 out of 10 marks,the highest. I cudn’t believe that I’m selected. Its a Great opportunity for me to prove the power of my little neurons which remained unused for a long time.

The Quiz is only a part of the Psychiatry Conference.Its a State level Psychiatry Quiz.The winning college in this  Quiz will be sent to South India level Quiz,but its very difficult to win. Anyway,It’ll be like a celebration to all the students and staff coming from various colleges. There’ll be many cultural events and Night party on 27th. We can enjoy a lot for 2 days. The quiz will be on second day(28th).

I wanted to share my happiness first with you even before all my batch friends,as you are the people who made me back into my spirit.

I’m extremely thankful to you all…………………..



  1. Congrats Dude !
    Also good luck for the next round!

  2. congratulations…..!
    hope u in next level.

  3. congrats…i like this subj too!!…hope u make it:)

  4. hey… congrats dude… prepare well …
    let electric impulses rush thro ur axons n
    i wish u’ve an endorphin rush at the end of the quiz..

  5. @ Broca
    Hey dude……..thinking to escape by just saying congrats??? I need a lot of suggestions and information from u. Which book should I go through? Where could I find the photographs of famous Psychiatrists and information regarding their contributions-I mean in which website can I get these???

  6. @ Bala
    Thank u very much Bala. Have a Great weekend…….

  7. @ Arun
    Machcha……..I feel like I’m going into depression and be admitted in Psychiatry ward even before I go to Quiz. To that extent, u r frightening me with ur Medical Poetry…..hahaha…… Have a Great day da…….

  8. Hi Satheesh:)

    Please accept my hearty congratulations for being selected for the quiz. I am very happy for you. I am also very confident that you and your partner will do well. Wish you all success and I am also sure you will have a good time.

    I will pray and keep my fingers crossed.

    Wish you all the best:)

  9. @ Joseph
    Many many thanks. I feel like I can achieve anything as long as u r with me. Thanks for the prayer…….Have a Great weekend.

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