Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | June 2, 2009

Back into my busy schedule

Hi friends,I’m extremely sorry for delay in posting topics.With the commencement of my classes and ward postings on June Ist,I’m hardly finding time to look for a new topic to post.I’m thinking to post my next topic on coming Saturday.As I’m now in the Final Year of Medicine and there are only 3 more months for my exam,I’ve to sacrifice some of my interests.The reason being,it may probably be not possible(practically) for a medical student to learn the professional practical skills if he misses it during his Medical education.Theory,however,we can read any time during life. Although I’ve learnt atleast some practical skills in every aspect of Medical Education,it is no way sufficient for a person dreaming to become an Ideal Doctor.So I’m thinking to post topics once in a week or if possible,twice a week.And the next topic would probably be my review on the book ‘Who moved my cheese?’ as suggested by Mr.Joseph Pulikotil sir,which I’m thinking to read whenever I get some time.Hope u understand my situation.I wish to have ur incredible friendship,love and affection forever.Hope u’ll be there with me all the time and make my life blissful.




  1. Hi Satheesh:)


    Many, many thanks for your lovely comments on my latest post. Your comments are well researched, thought provoking and very interesting.

    I fully agree with you. You have to concentrate on your studies. That is very important. Blogging can become very addictive. One blogger even said that he has become a slave to the blog.

    My best wishes and prayers are with you for all success.

  2. good luck!!…

  3. Hmmm..can understand ur situation perfectly bro…. We have to sacrifice a few things in life for our med course bro … Anyways good luck… Study well

  4. @ Joseph Pulikotil
    Many many thanks for being with me. I’ll never forget ur help. I pray God to give u a Good Health.

  5. @ Broca’s Area
    Oh thank u very much dude.

    @ Arun Kumar
    Thanks a lot dude.

  6. Hi Satheesh, I’m doing well – thanks for asking! How are you?

  7. Hi Drew, I’m fine. Thank God…I thought u forgot me. So howz ur life going on?

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