Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | May 29, 2009

Why some positive thinkers get powerful results???

Hi friends,recently I read a book called ‘Why some positive thinkers get amazing results???’ by Norman Vincent Peale.Don’t think that this book is newly released.Actually its very old-published more than 15 yrs back.But I felt it very informative and useful to every man dreaming to reach great heights in life.Most of the things the author told in this book might have been known to all of us.Yet,it may recollect some principles which we might have forgotten by chance.

The author describes two different types of people.The first group consists of people called ‘Got-it-maders.’ Most of us may come under this category(especially me).These people aim to reach a goal and soon after achieving it they say ‘At last I have got it made.’ The author says that these people although they reach their goal,a certain quality goes out of them.The incentive,the drive,the motivation that took them to the top declines.The old thrill and excitement of achievement will not be like they once were. The challenge becomes dimmed and so the enjoyment of getting to the top doesn’t live upto the expectations.

But the second group of people are geared differently.Having achieved one goal,they set another and repeat the old tried and true success pattern.They come up with fresh achievements.Their enthusiasm never runs down.Theirs is a constantly renewing and exciting experience.They never ‘Have it made’ ; they are always striving to make it.These people will always be happy in their life unlike the first group of people.

The author says that the true flavour,the real fun,the continuous excitement is in the process of making it rather than in having it made.Happiness actually is found in striving for a goal rather than in settling down to enjoy the attained objective.It is found in setting another goal and enthusiastically going for that goal in the same old competitive,innovative spirit.

This is only a small part of the book given under the heading        1) ‘I’ve got it made.’     There are many other headings under which the author discusses various points in this book.I’ll just name the headings,not going into description of them.

2) Belief Power gets powerful results.

3) Success in dealing with problems.

4) The positive thinker as an achiever.

5) You can make things go better.

6) Today is yours,seize it.

7) The positive thinker wins over discouragement.

8) Drop the negative word habit.

9) Positive secrets of health and energy.

10) How to be a positive thinker.

11) Happiness at last.

12) P.S.

You too can try if you have time. I think it is worth reading.Fulfills the saying ‘Old is Gold.’ Actually,I didn’t go much into it yet,but I’ll definitely go through it when I get time.Hope you find this post useful.



  1. Blessings….
    The reason for the differences in the two groups is:

    The first group is only focus on the end result thinking that the high of achieving is sustainable but soon grows discontented.

    The second group however enjoys the journey, the process of getting to the goal so they are not waiting to feel elated but are living the experience so that when the joy is not dependent upon the end result. The love the process, the learning, and so sets a new goal to go on another journey of discovery.

    Interesting post….
    Have a fabulous weekend

  2. hmmm…me too belong to the first category…

  3. @Rhapsody
    Ohhhhhhhhhh thanks a lot for sharing your views.I’m honoured by your visit to my blog.I know you from Mr.Joseph Pulikotil.I remember the words he told about you ‘She is like a breath of fresh air and it will be extremely interesting, invigorating and refreshing to cultivate her friendship.’ Wow its great that you visited my blog.Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi Satheesh:)

    Norman Vincent Peal is a great motivational speaker and has written several books on self improvement. I think I have read one book of his under the heading–ENTHUSIASM MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

    It is good to read these books because it will help you improve your personality.

    I remember reading one book by Dale Carnegie
    –HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE–which left a lasting impression on me.

    Another book which helped me a lot is –Who moved my cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

    My thanks for reading these excellent books and writing a summary for our benefit.

    Have a nice day Satheesh:)

  5. let me try it out!..thanks man:)

  6. @ Joseph Pulikotil
    Oh that’s nice to know about some good books.I’ve heard the name of the book ‘Who moved my cheese?’ two or three times.Many people were discussing about this book.Must be a good one and I’ve confirmed it by ur suggestion.I’ll definitely go through it.Also I’ll try not to miss the other books u have suggested.

  7. @ Broca’s area
    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dude…………..have a wonderful day.

  8. the 2nd one is always a wanna be category for me… I wanted to… but not sure that have I tried for it… btw, a gud post satheesh…

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