Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | May 27, 2009

Number Tag

My sincere apologies to Arun Kumar for being very late…..And simultaneously I wud like to thank him for tagging me as this number tag concept reminded me the sweetest days in my life. So here it goes…….

1) I’m like a one-man army because none of my family members other than me belong to the medical profession(not even from my relatives).It has always been a great disadvantage for me,as I lack guidance from senior doctors which is most needed in this profession.And bcoz of that I had to start my journey from the first step.Otherwise I wud have started from some thousandth step or so.

2) I have two siblings-an elder brother and a younger sister.Both of them chose Engineering stream.

3) I had my schooling in 3 different schools

– LKG to 5th in Milton Grammar English Medium High School,Adoni.

– 6th to 8th in Priyadarshini Vidya Mandir,Dharmavaram.

– 9th and 10th in Navodaya High School,Dhone.

All the three are in Andhra Pradesh,although my native place is Madurai,Tamil Nadu.Infact,the third one in Dhone was the worst school I’ve ever studied.

4) I’ve four role models in my life whom I cherish and admire a lot.They are

My Father,

My Mother,

My Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Sudhakar sir,    and

The Legendary music director A.R.Rehman.

5) My first crush took place when I was studying 5th class.She was my class mate.Her name was Kavya Manaswini.She was like an angel.Still remember her face. I was the 1st in my class at that time-in marks and in attendance.I bagged a lot of medals and certificates in General Knowledge and Science quiz competitions,but never in sports.Infact I was always the last in Athletics,Long Jump,Cricket-whatever it may be,bcoz of my short stature.

6)  I’ve totally 6 different usernames in different websites

– satish.kumar.mbbs,

– muthusatish,

– msatheeshkumar,

– satish2k4,

-satheesh86,    and


7) Till now,I’ve used a total number of 7 different mobile phones

-First one was Motorola piece(no one wud believe if I say its a cell phone,it used to be like a toy phone)

-Then Siemens(hardly worked for 1 month)

-Then Nokia(don’t remember the model)

-Then Nokia 3100

-Then another Nokia piece(again don’t remember the model)

-Then Sony Ericsson J550i

-And now Nokia N 70M

8) One waste fellow was born in the month of August(8th month).You all know that fellow.Ofcourse,its not that great event to remember.

9) It was when I’m studying 9th class that I became a more public figure in my small town Dhone.The reason being I was shown in a local TV channel twice or thrice. I got a total cash prize of around Rs.2500 in various competitions. A couple of times I was selected from my school to a competition which went by the name ‘Kaun Banega Paanch Soupathi.’ First time I had to return with Rs 200 and luckily second time I have answered all the 15 questions and got Rs 500.

10) Till now,I have stayed in a total number of 10 different rooms in my medical hostel. You may wonder what’s the need to change the room that number of times.Actually,we have heavy competition for rooms in our hostel and all the good-looking and convenient rooms go to seniors,as rooms are allotted according to the seniority. I’ve always been trying for a better room ever since I joined the hostel.I guess this wud be my last room in this hostel.

Huh……………..atlast done it.Really its a very difficult game.I thought I can’t make more than 5 numbers.But fortunately got it………………..And once again I thank Mr Arun Kumar.



  1. dude u’ve won a lotta prizes in a variety of things..
    congrats on that…
    wud have been difficult for u to be the first doc in your family…but trust me…its better…cos there is no parental pressure…

  2. @ Arun
    Yup no parental pressure……….but there’s a huge responsibility. Anyway………….sooooooooooooo Arun,what should I do now? I mean with the number tag…….

  3. u can pass it off to anyone…if u wish…

  4. Poor boy, only one girl till now….. 😕

  5. hehe….

    yeah having a doc relative is really an advantage ….

    looks like ur quite a good allrounder….nice to know that:)

  6. @ Broca’s Area
    Hey dude….thanks a lot.Keep visiting my blog.And ofcourse,I’ll visit urs as I feel ur blog to be quite interesting.Soooooooooooo wassup??? What posting do you have now? And still how many months u have in ur internship?

  7. am fine….more 9months…in med now…

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