Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | May 24, 2009

Munnar trip

Wow thanks to Joseph pulikotil sir for information about Munnar.Its a wonderful place and one of the best places I have ever seen.Its in Kerala about 140 kms from Coimbatore.Enjoyed the trip a lot.This photo shows wind mills which I came across near Pollachi on the way to Munnar from Coimbatore.


And see this photo……wowwwwwwwwwwww what a scenic place this is!!! Its Amaravati dam.


And this one is at crocodile park which is at Amaravati dam.






And this is on the way to Munnar.Wowwwwww what a scenery,a small river flowing between two hills and below that is a photo showing water falls seen from a far place.





And these cattle are seen near Mattupatty,don’t know whether these are ordinary cows or the famous Indo-Swiss hybrid cows of Mattupatty,snapped a photo as many tourits stopped their vehicles and were looking at these cattle.


Really a great experience at Munnar.Wherever you see its full of Green tea estates.Munnar was full of newly-married couples this time.




And this photo is taken at the hotel in which we stayed showing beautiful flowers.




See these photos…….varieties of beautiful flowers seen at Flower garden.The fragrance of those flowers is still enthralling me.





This one is at Mattupatty dam.


And this is at Eravikulam(Rajamalai) national park.I have seen not too many animals there except for deers(I don’t remember whether they are deers or someother animal).Actually,I have seen it very close and took a video also.But unfortunately I’m unable to upload it here.I guess the peak in the background of this photo is of Anaimudi peak(which I heard is of 2695 mts height).It was very cool here.





And last but not the least,I have seen this beautiful girl in train while returning from Coimbatore.She was busy reading a book called Dark Justice by William Bernhardth.I cudn’t help but kept on looking at her until she got down at Bangalore.


Finally,to conclude,I’ve enjoyed the trip a lot.You too visit Munnar whenever u have time.And those who have already seen,no problem……you can visit again and again.



  1. the second pic was breath taking..
    you had an awesome trip it seems…
    i went to munnar a few years ago…lovely place..

  2. @Arun
    Hi Arun how r u? Long time(nearly 1 week)since I last used the blog.Yeah really its a superb place.

  3. Hi Satheesh:)

    I am thrilled to see you back after your enthralling, invigorating, enjoyable trip to Munnar.

    I thought you went to Munnar with your wife and I am sure that photo of the girl is your lovely wife.

    Your photos are gorgeous, enchanting and wonderful. A visual treat.

    I remember the days when I used to go to Munnar regularly on account of my work and stay in MUIR cottage. It had a lovely garden full of beautiful flowers. I used to spend a lot of time just admiring them. From Muir cottage, I could also see a temple, a mosque and a church– all next to each other. A symbol of religious harmony which is very special in India. It also represents religious tolerance which is the essence of Indian culture.

    Since my work involved visiting all the tea factories, I was in the tea gardens most of the time and sometime even had excellent tea in the lovely British style bungalows with the managers.

    I have seen many waterfalls on the way to Munnar and during monsoon they are breath taking and awe inspiring. The drive to Munnar also involved negotiating several hair pin bends.

    But to tell you honestly, I did not enjoy as much as you did because I was there on a job and not on a vacation. Therefore the finer aspects and the aesthetic beauty of Munnar I missed.

    Your excellent narration and amazing photos made me very happy and nostalgic.

    Many, many thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day:)

  4. @Joseph Pulikotil
    Oh sir………….I’m just 22 now.How cud I be married? Ofcourse,I wud be lucky if I marry such a beautiful girl.Actually,these photos are taken on my mobile phone. Not having too much clarity. I’ll upload the photos taken on Digital camera,later specially for you.

  5. wow really nice awesome snaps…..hope tht girl doesnt read this:P

  6. @ Broca’s Area
    haha…….Dude do u know her?? I’m asking this bcoz u r also in Bangalore,so there’s a chance. And I feel like I can do anything for such a beautiful girl. Wow thank God it was a great experience for me in train on that day.

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