Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | May 13, 2009

The place called Zero

Hey friends today I’m very happy.Do u know why??? There’s more than a sufficiently good reason for that.Actually,ever since my chidhood,I’m not a good reader of books and novels except my study books.I have always been worrying and thinking that its my Greatest Turn-off. And today I’ve started reading a book called  ” The Place called Zero .”

Its a book by Jonathan Christ,Canada which deals with Philosophy and human Psychology.Believe me….its an extraordinary book and I think everyone must go through this book.

The Author of this book means to say that A lot of wonderful things can happen when one is at Zero. ‘Zero’ is a state where one has nothing more to loose.Its like an Edge.And people go to the edge to either fall and die or to learn how to fly.

He says that Thoughts are the beginning of creating one’s own reality.Every thought that crosses our mind will have an effect and the thought that one repeats over and over will most definitely manifest itself in the physical terms.But because we don’t understand this,we blame others or ourselves or God or reincarnation and karma for what is going on.Instead,simply one has to learn to change his thoughts and his reality will automatically change.

Thoughts have energy in them and our conscious thoughts can provide great insight into understanding how we are creating our reality.If we can learn to study our thoughts,we can understand where we are going.One should have a conscious mind to take inventory of what’s going on in his life.If we don’t like what’s happening around us,we can always change it by changing our conscious thoughts,subconscious beliefs and expectations.

In this story Jonathan falls in Love with a stunningly pretty woman named ‘Nicole.’ Nicole would already have an Ex-boyfriend who dumped her for some reasons. When Jonathan proposes to her,she says that she is not ready for a new relationship yet,but however,she becomes closer and closer to him as the days pass by.Since Nicole has no income of her own,Jonathan pays for everything.In the 6 months after they meet,Jonathan’s successful Internet Marketing Business suffers enormously as he becomes more and more irregular in professional activities.And his life mostly revolves around partying every other night and waking up late every morning.But Jonathan doesn’t worry for that and he’ll be happy as this beautiful woman is with him.But one night they fight about Jonathan being too jealous and how Nicole cannot lose her male friends for him.And with that, Nicole says Good-bye to him.Although, Jonathan confesses for his mistake,she doesn’t listen to him anymore.And she goes on a date with a pilot named ‘K.’

By that time,he would have virtually lost everything in that 6 months just to pursue this dream called ‘Nicole.’And now she dumped him infront of many people.As the memories flood back,drops of tears roll out of his eyes.More than the pain of losing Nicole to a certified moron,its the guilt and shame of what he’s done with his life that makes him cry.And he starts wandering aimlessly on the streets and eventually,comes across a young man who makes him understand this Philosophy of Life.

And thats not all……..there are lots and lots of principles the author says in this book.I feel that everyone has a need to read this book and understand the innermeaning of it.We may come across similar situation in our life.And it would definitely be useful in such situations.Hope you find this useful.



  1. dude…i also dont have the patience to read books…i dont think its a turn off….just have read 10 novels or so…
    but..i’m very much interested in psychology…so will give his book a try…after i finish my med posting…

  2. @ Arun
    So,dude……. u mean to say that we two are almost at the same level regarding books.But how cudn’t it be a turn-off,dude.I felt that I have learnt a lot of things useful in life by reading just this book.But its like a drop in an ocean of the knowledge one cud gain in his life by reading such books.But lets treat it to be a beginning of a great change….And hope we too reach such heights in knowledge as many great scholars have reached in their lives.I believe its still possible…as there is saying “A journey of thousand miles starts with a step.”

  3. wow!! thats such a good post.. u inspired me to read this novel now.. U write very well … btw I love reading philosophical books a lot..

    Did you read Alchemist .. i m sure u would love it

  4. @Priti
    Oh thanks a lot for ur suggestion. I’ll definitely go through that book ‘Alchemist’. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Keep visiting. Happy blogging……..

  5. hmm..thanks for the review!!..

    also read monk who sold his Ferrari…wonderful book!!

  6. @Prathap
    Hey thanks a lot Prathap.I’ll surely follow ur suggestion.

  7. Hi Satheesh:)

    This is a wonderful book with full of philosophy and plenty of good advice for us to follow.

    We go to a cliff either to fall and die or fly. Very thought provoking.

    The man going after the girl neglecting his work was atrocious. There is a time for love and a time to work. If love takes precedence over work then it is quite likely both will suffer. And that’s what happened. He became a nervous wreck.

    This reminds of another well known book-WHO MOVED MY CHEESE By Dr. Spencer Johnson. There he states very clearly- CHANGE IS THE ONLY PERMANENT THING IN LIFE. He also make it clear that very often we refuse to change because we are crippled with fear. If we move beyond fear that there are immense possibilities for achievement.

    I enjoyed your lovely narration of the book. Many thanks.

    Have a lovely day Satheesh:)

  8. Oh thanks a lot for your suggestion,sir. I’ll definitely go through that book.I’ve learnt that I’ve still lot to go in my life in both-my career and other knowledge.

  9. Hey Satheesh……good review,i just read ur post and definitely gonna read the book.I dont know how its gonna be but i like the way you have narrated.I’ll let you know my experience after reading the in my next comment……

  10. Sounds like a good read. Next time I am to a bookshop let me have my hand on it.

    If you want few suggested title.

    Zahir By Paulo Coehlo ( Author of Alchemist)
    A Thousands Splendid Suns ( Khalid Hosseni)

  11. Here is the e-version,

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