Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | May 6, 2009

How Could I forget these moments in my life???





  1. Unforgettable… cherishable… nail biting… treasurable… proudable moment for me… watched the tv screens to see this man getting the award, even without going to office… he deserves it…

  2. Hey Bala………..Thanks a lot for sharing ur feelings with me. Its an open fact that Rehman deserves it. Me too….I was keenly watching TV on that morning. Once they said “And the Oscar goes to A.R.Rehman for Slum Dog Millionaire”, I burst out with tears in my eyes. The next day I had to consult an ENT specialist.Do u know why??? I had severe throat infection for I’ve shouted with joy for almost 2 hours on the day he got Oscar…………How can one forget such moments in life??? What does a man need beyond that Happiness???

  3. i was writing my univ exams…that morning…
    First thing i noticed when i came outside…more than 10 messages in my mobile celebrating his achievement….HE IS GREAT…

  4. Hey Arun u too thanks a lot for sharing ur feelings. When’ll u have ur 1st Internal exams?

  5. Dunno dude…may be around june or july…now just dragging thro postings…what about u???

  6. I’ll be having my final exams in September. Now going through my Internal Assessment exams. Hardly getting time to spend for blog. Final year is really distressing……….

  7. yeah dude…final year sucks in on basis of work load…
    But i find medicine reading very interesting…

  8. Thats Good it’s the best subject to read in Final year and it also requires as many readings as possible.

  9. my idol!!

  10. The billion hearts’ Idol he is!!!

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