Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | April 26, 2009

Akshardham-New Delhi



Hey Guys,do these images trigger a cascade of questions in ur mind???

No wonder if they do.

And the first question wud probably be – Is this the Heaven???

Although seems so,its not…This is of Swamy Narayan Akshardham temple in New Delhi. Really,a Heavenly place and one of the best places I have ever seen in my life.Span over a vast area,with Gardens and Water fountains around,it surely gives a pleasant feeling to even highly irritable individuals.Just bcoz its huge,don’t u imagine it to be a temple of Vishnu or Krishna or Rama or Shiva.


Its a temple exclusively built for Saint Swamy Narayan,who has done a tremendous contribution to the spreading of Hinduism over a greater part of North India through his preachings of religious principles.It stands as a symbol of spirituality.And really a superb place to visit.





Akshardham is located nearer to Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station in New Delhi.We hardly find such beautiful places in our South India.And it refects the glory of Hinduism and 10,000 years of Indian culture.The temple is extremely artistic and the maintenace is cool.It was built very recently(not more than 5 or 6 years).What I feel these days is that most of the Indians are giving least importance to spiritual values…and as a result a huge number of visitors to such temples are only foreigners rather than Indians.We,being in India,are much attracted to foreign culture.

I just meant to exemplify the attitude of a few Indians towards the country and its culture.So we are really in a great need of changing the minds of a few people(which is hardly possible).So lets have a visit to places like Akshardham whenever possible and know better,our own country and culture.



  1. Beautiful place indeed….. They normally prohibit Photos there… How did u get these (generic..?)

    btw..there is main one in Ahmedabad..and quite few places in US as well …

    Keep blogging…

  2. Hi Ashwin many thanks for visiting my blog and for ur valuable comment on one of my blog topics.
    Yeah….they don’t allow photography there.So,in an attempt to make my blog visitors know the beauty of the temple,I’ve no other option than getting the photos from the official website of Akshardham.
    And thanks a lot for ur valuable information. I know that the one at Delhi is not the only one,and Akshardham is a network of temples distributed at different places of India and also in U.S. But the problem is,I don’t remember the other places exactly as it has been a long time since I went to Akshardham-Delhi(nearly 2 years).And I cudn’t find the information even in the official website.So just left it with fear of giving some wrong info.And I’m extremely happy to get the info I have been looking for,from u.Thanks a lot.And keep visiting my blog,Aswin.Happy Blogging………

  3. hi sateesh.. very good work indeed,,,, commendable work

    i have seen it twice but never got the chance to see the movie …. may be this time a s i in delhi now and heard they are opeing metro stop there by the starting of asian games… surely it will be a great spot for all the visitors of the games….. it takes atleast 6 hrs to visit the whole fascinating wonder of the new world which was built in as short a time as 5 yrs or so ( lless than our mbbs schedule)

  4. Ohhhhhh sir, I’m honoured by ur visit to my blog. And what movie??? When r the Asian games scheduled sir? I’ll try to visit Delhi if possible.And u especially…Thanx a lot sir.

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