Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | April 20, 2009

A Gory Attack in SriLanka

Weak-hearted people are advised not to see these photos because they are really gory.I wonder what’s really happening in Sri Lanka???

The ongoing attack on LTTE has taken the lives of many hundreds and thousands of innocent civilian people,including Pregnant women,Patients,Infants and children.The SriLankan army didn’t leave even hospitals as a safe place for these innocent civilians.







I’m not a supporter of LTTE,but as a human being,I can sense the death cry of hundreds of innocent people.Its really a brutal massacre.The heaps of dead bodies seen on the roadside are really disturbing.

People say there are certain organisations for world peace like UNO,but why are they indifferent to these kind of attacks on innocent civilians???

They have nowhere to go.They are being killed by their own people.

Whom to blame????

Who can stop this Genocide??????

All that we can do now is to pray God for the Peace of all these innocent souls.


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