Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | April 10, 2009

Beverly Hills Chihuahua


Hey Guys,Don’t know what magic it did to me,the movie has refreshed me for a few days since I saw it.Really,a superb movie.The story of the movie goes like this:

‘Chloe’ is a Gorgeous Chihuahua dog which happens to be a Lapdog of Aunt Viv.Just as in all other movies,there’s a hero for this Heroine named ‘Papi’,Pet Dog of a LANDSCAPER working in Aunt Viv’s House.And as a part of Universal truth,it falls in love with Chloe.Once Aunt Viv goes on a business trip leaving Chloe at home under care of Rachel,a Beautiful chick(young woman).

By her negligence,Rachel misses Chloe when she takes her to Mexico.Chloe is caught up by Dog Fighters(Criminals).From them,she escapes with the help of  ‘Delgado’,a German sheperd dog.Delgado promises to help her find her home.And in that attempt,faces some sort of difficulties………….Wait,Wait………..seems like the story line of  Telugu ‘OKKADU’ naa?But here,the Hero and Heroine are Dogs rather than humans.Yeah one thing should be accepted……….Dogs are far better than humans in being honest.

Then,in the journey to find her home,Chloe comes across her counterpart,Chihuahua dogs of same breed.They acknowledge her that all of them including Chloe belong to Aztecs Civilization,which although ruined,the Chihuahua dogs remain.They are small but yet powerful(Tiny but Mighty).

And ultimately,Chloe meets Rachel after the climax fight and lives happily with Papi,mi corazon(Her Love) in the house of Aunt Viv.

The movie features many mild emotional scenes touching the heart,esp. that when Delgado,after facing lots of problems for Chloe,gives a send off to her at the train-Just like the AIRPORT scene in some SUPER HIT Telugu movies.The movie is simple but superb.

And one thing which needs special mention about the movie is the voice of Chloe by Drew Barrymore.What a voice it is!!!!!Believe me,it drives everyman crazy about her and there’s no doubt about it.Must wait and see who’ll be the fortunate guy gonna get this nightingale.

Its one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and recently, after watching many Headache-creating movies like ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’,’Into the Blue’,’The Butterfly Effect 3’etc…I felt a little bit refreshed with this movie.And some other nice movies I’ve recently seen are August Rush(An Inspiring Movie to Lovers of Music),The Illusionist and WALL-E.Ohhhhhh…WALL-E needs a Special Mention.May be I’ll tell about it in another topic.Its also a wonderful movie,Oscar Nominee.Guys,don’t miss them……………………….


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