Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | March 28, 2009

K M Music Conservatory-Become the future of Music

Good News for Music Lovers.

You might have heard about KM Music Conservatory,Chennai.Its a Music school founded by Maestro A R Rehman with a vision to develop and nurture an education in MUSIC for all who have the passion to learn and to expand the horizons of musicians in India by creating an awareness of Western MUSIC and Music Technology while continuing to respect and strengthen the art of Indian MUSIC.

Separate courses are offered like

Preparatory programme(for beginners in music) and is designed for Music lovers of any age group without any mandatory educational constraints         -2 to 5 years course,

Foundation programme(students of this programme will undergo rigorous training in fundamentals of music,

Proposed programme(Bachelor’s degree in Music and Music technology)        -3 yrs course,

Post Graduate programmes-which include

                  Master’s degree-2 yrs course and

                  Diploma in Indian music and MUSIC Technology-1 yr course.

For more details visit the website

I have some details about the courses and their fees which are not mentioned in the official website of  kmmc.

Pro Tool Courses :- Rs 2.5 lacs
3 years
You have to clear Auditions etc

Part time courses

Rs 50 K per year. You can learn one instrument, and vocal is optional
No auditions, and on first come first basis
Though you may require to sing some songs in front of the authorities on the spot and prove them your music sense

Saturdays – 6 to 7 hrs training
Sundays – Theory of Music will be taught

Thats something I know about K M Music Conservatory.Seems that the fees are too much.Yeah thats true,but I believe the standards will also be good.Lets have a look of it after our Graduation.



  1. Aspiring 2 join aftr completing high school… But the fees seems to be a hurdle

  2. i want to learn i want to know about the process and the actual fees of full time course..??

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