Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | February 23, 2009

A Remarkable Day in the History of India



Although not born to same mother,your fraternal love towards all the  fellow Indians is adorable.Today,you once again made India feel proud of you ,sir.

You are the best student I have ever seen in my life,sir.A student is one who has the urge to learn new things and innovate himself with knowledge.But that isn’t complete until one has DISCIPLINE.Infact,DISCIPLINE is the most crucial factor ,one requires,to be called himself a GOOD STUDENT.In that sense,you are the best student,sir.

From the day you started playing keyboard at the age of 3 years till today(An unforgettable day,you won two oscars for your mother country)your urge for innovating yourself hasn’t changed.We salute you,sir.

Although very late,you have ultimately reached your goal,which you deserve right from the beginning of your career,sir.

And now,I would be delighted if you bring a revolution(mainly in the political sense),through your profound fans.India is really in a great need of GOOD LEADERS who can serve the country better.People of India,are unfortunately,failing to chose their own leaders,sir.The thing which worries me most about our country is that,in India,only people having some influence can become Leaders,which is unlike AMERICA where even a common man can occupy the seat of the President of  the nation,as is the case with BARRACK OBAMA,ABRAHAM LINCOLN and many more.

Infact,the contribution you have already done to the country (through many influential patriotic songs like SWADES,ROJA,VANDEMATARAM and the list is  endless)is more than enough regarding what our country needs from a GOOD CITIZEN.

And in no more time,You are going to be honoured with BHARAT RATNA,the highest CIVILIAN AWARD in India.We are extremely proud of you,sir.


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