Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | January 20, 2009

A.R.Rehman Becomes The First Indian To Win The Gloden Globe Award


Over-whelmed with happiness to hear that you won the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD for the movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE,sir.No words to praise you sir.The best way possible for me is to use superlatives.I have never seen GOD,but I believe that He will be just like you.Both of you are similar in being like a SUN-Giving light to others’ life.Only difference is that you do it in the form of your great music with great effort and dedication.I can draw an equation for you sir :


I have grown up listening to your music compositions which began with the song CHINNA CHINNA AASAI in the movie ROJA-That itself has fetched you a National Award.Every song of yours is a wonder sir and there’s no doubt about it.You are a man of Par Excellence.

I am happy that you said you are dedicating the Golden Globe Award to Billion Hearts of India.And definitely I’ll be one heart among those which beat more prominently.

I can’t even dream to reach such heights in my life as you have reached now because such Great Achievements are possible only to a “WINNER” like you sir.But I wud like to travel through the way you once chosen.

People are expecting an Oscar too for you for the same movie.But,sir,these Golden Globe and OSCAR Awards don’t necessarily change my perception about you,because I believe that you deserve such Great Awards from the beginning of your long journey itself.If GOD appears infront of me and asks me for a wish,in no time,I’ll beg him for a chance to meet you and talk to you, sir.



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