Posted by: Satheesh Kumar Muthu | December 2, 2008


A Sardar received an invitation, to a party in
which was written “Black Tie Only”!!


When he went to the party he was surprised to
find the other invitees wearing trousers and shirts
as well !!!!

Sardar at bar in New York.

Man on his right says “Johny Walker single”.


Man on his left says “Peter Scotch single”.

Sardar says – “Baljith Singh Married”

Once three sardars decided to go on a picnic.

When they got there, they realized they had forgotten the soda.

So, the youngest sardar said he would go home and get the soda if the others promised not to eat the sandwiches until he got back.


An hour, a couple of hours, then all day went by.

Both sardars were now very hungry. Finally one of the sardars said: “Oh, come on, he is not going to be back. Let’s eat the sandwiches.” Suddenly, the youngest sardar popped up from behind a rock and said: “If you do, I wont go.” 

Sardar joined a new job. On the very first day he worked till late evening on the computer.


Boss was happy and asked him what he did till evening.

Sardar : Keyboard alphabets were not in order, so I made it alright.

Boss: Where were you born ?Sardarji: Oye Punjab.


Boss: Which part?

Sardarji: Oye, Kya which part? Whole body born in


Two Sardars looking at an Egyptian mummy.


Sardar 1 :   Look so many bandages, pakka truck accident case!

Sardar2:      Aaho, truck nambar bhi likha hai :BC-1760!!

Sardarji got the fourth child.
He fills data in the birth certificate.

“Mother: Sikh.

Father: Sikh.

Kid: Chinese.”chinese-b0y.jpg

“How come you write “Chinese” when both parents are Sikh?”

” Aah, read a newspaper, it says that every 4th person born on the Earth now is a Chinese.”


A sardar is traveling via train. On his way, he feels the urge to go to the bathroom. So he goes and opens the bathroom door, which happens to have a mirror in the front. The sardar thinks there is another sardar bhaiwaal in there, quickly shuts the door and returns to his seat. 5 minutes later he goes again, only to find the same sardar bhaiwaal. An hour passes away, he’s made 20 trips to the bathroom, only to find that the same person is still there. So he finally gets ticked off, goes to the last
compartment and tells the TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner) what’s been going on. The TTE, which also happens to be a sardar, feels bad for him and promises to throw the bum out. The TTE walks down to the compartment with the troubled bathroom to get the resident bhaiwaal out. Few minutes later the TTE comes back and tells the sardar “I’m
sorry, I can’t do anything. The guy in there is a railway staff member”.


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